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Music: The Hives and Harry Nilsson

save save save! damn this computer!
here goes again....

While I was at work today I had Indie 103.1 down real low on my computer so I wouldn't disturb the meeting which was going on outside of my cube (Japanese guys - btw, have you ever seen this website called
ENGRISH.COM? - it's worth a look) anyway.... I heard something that sounded familiar so I turned it up a bit and to my surprise at 4:57 p.m. they were playing "No hard feelings" by The Vacation! Very Cool!!

I've been sick since last Wednesday with a sore throat. I'm thinking I got it from something in the air at the Rooney show because my friend Erich had been sick since then as well and he went with me.

I went to see JET at the Anaheim House of Blues on Sunday. It was just to crowded for my taste and I wasn't in the mood to find a good spot. I stood near the door so if I felt like leaving early (which I did) I wouldn't have to fight the crowd to get out of there. It was hot and the crowd was really lame. What is it with men thinking that it's ok to talk and talk and talk to women even though they are obviously not interested? I don't get it. Get a clue! The guy was getting drunk and the first band wasn't even done yet and he kept leaning into me at the bar to talk to me... just asking me stupid questions like "where do you live". ok, maybe It was because I wasn't in a friendly/talkative mood but c'mon .... leave me the fuck alone. perhaps if the guy had something interesting to say or he looked like a JET fan then It would have gone differently but this was not the case. As soon as these girls came near the bar to order some drinks I snuck behind them and off to the other bar to stand. Now I was super close to the exit and I could see the stage alright, just not the drummer so much. The first band sucked ass. I think their name was "everybody something" I'm not sure. Sloan was boring to me. I was a fan about 10 years ago but over it now. As soon as Jet came on I was already over it. By the time they played "Hold on" their hit, and everyone started singing along ..... I had to Jet myself. I couldn't take it. I will never go to another big show again, it's just not worth it to me. I'd much rather go to the Troubadour or Spaceland, maybe even The Fonda Theatre. I think even the Wiltern is too big to really enjoy. I wish all my musician friends luck with "making it" and all but I'd much rather see them at smaller venues. Both Anaheim and L.A. House of Blues venues suck when it is a sold out show. never again! Have i complained enough yet? sorry.

This week has gone by pretty fast for me. I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I haven't really gone out much lately. I did go to L.a. on Sunday to meet a friend at the Farmers Market for Brunch. Have you ever been to Kokomo cafe? (spell?) it was awesome. I had this Black Bean cake, it was the best! The waitress reminded us of Fiona Apple. I totally want to go back again some weekend. I went to Amoeba after brunch and spent some cash on : Nilsson, The Hives, Stereophonics and The Partridge Family. I have a crush on a couple of guys who work there, I finally got enough nerve to go up to one and ask about a CD (Electric eel shock) and he walked me over to the computer to look it up. thats it, I said "thanks" and thats all. Thats all I need. ha ha. I'm afraid to actually get to know him because what if ..... .. he isn't as nice as I think he might be. ha ha. I like to have little crushes all over the place and just leave it that way, it makes life that much more interesting. Don'tch think? I haven't really had time to listen to any of the Cd's all that much but I am enjoying Nilsson right now, this brings back childhood memories.
I like that music can do this......

I've been watching that T.V. show called "Summerland" and i'm getting sucked into it. You know these sitcoms are just as bad as soap operas, it is a soap opera! The only show that I really enjoy watching is the Gilmore Girls or perhaps CSI but thats about it. I don't watch to much T.V. but when I was unemployed ... I used to watch "i love lucy, andy griffith and john edward" everyday! I don't have Tivo or Cable. Shows like the divorce court and cops gave me a headach listening to all the yelling, though sometimes those shows were interesting to.

I saw the new Bourne movie this past weekend. I liked it as much as the first one. I love going to the movies.
The Bourne Supremacy was action packed of course. I was pissed that the girl dies so early on in the movie. sorry for giving it away, but you knew it would happen! and now there will be another one. I wonder if Matt will bulk up even more for it, if he does he's gonna start looking like the Hulk! The two movies that I feel I can wait for Netflix are: Catwoman and I, Robot. I totally want to go see Garden State, The Village, Little Black Book , Meet the Fockers , Danny Deckchair, Alien vs. Predator , King Arthur, A Cinderella Story, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow , Wimbledon , Wicker Park , Vanity Fair , Novo , Head in the Clouds , Cellular and A Home at the End of the World.

I kinda got carried away with the movies there. Tonight I'm going to watch "The Slaughter Rule" with Ryan Gosling.... hee hee. I also have "Open your eyes" - the original one to watch, probably tomorrow night unless I decide to go out and see a band or something.

PS - a friend of mine sent me this interesting article about
this kind of stuff gives me a headache to actually sit and wonder about, kinda the same feeling from asking yourself that age old question "what is beyond the sky/stars/air.... OUT THERE?"
I think the world would get seriously fucked up if we could actually travel through time. sure we can maybe fix the 9/11 and some wars but from all what has happened, I'm sure some good things have come with it. I say "live and let live" Leave time alone.

Cheers -

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