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10:25 AM

music: huh.... still Reigning Sound - yes! they are THAT good.

i was so bored yesterday. i just find myself going to the movies just to get out of the house. so i go see Spiderman in Long Beach then called my old friend Fay, who lives in LB. i picked her up and we went to supermex to eat then to fingerprints. i was hoping my boyfriend was working because i worked up enough nerve to say hello to him this time. ha ha. but no luck. on my way home i got a call from another old friend, what is this "talk to OLD FRIENDS day?" it was strange and yet just what i needed. mark, my old friend is going to be graduating from Pasadena School of arts in a few months, i'm so proud of him. i remember when he first started there 3 years ago, it seems like yesterday. he always has the nicest things to say and very positive about getting my butt in gear, he fills my head with creative thought. now i just have to write it down and just do it. mark is one of my dearest friends who i can talk about anything at all with. our birthdays are the same month and we are a lot alike. when we are surrounded by people who love and care for us then we can be our crazy outgoing selves. when we feel uncomfortable and don't know anyone, we tend to be on the shy side.

i'm gonna go for a long walk on the beach today, try and figure some things out. i hope by tomorrow i will have kicked in my creative process and start working on something!


i walked for miles today. the bottoms of my levi's can tell you it was rough. many thoughts run through my head as the wind blows lightly on my face. boy did i ever get sunburned! i walked past all sorts of people and i wonder what they are thinking about, some guy even called out to me... i think he was making fun of some bald kid that just walked past me but i didn't want to partake in making fun of a total stranger TO a total stranger. because it's just not right. ha ha
it is a clear, beautiful day. i can see catalina and san pedro. i'm sitting across the bay from the queen mary and i glanced over to the right of it to where i saw Iggy Pop not to long ago at the "All Tomorrow's Party's" fest, now there is some sort of carnival being set up for the weekend.
I thought that i needed to go for a long walk by the beach today but for some reason i'm not feeling it. I mean the walk was/is good for me and all but i wanted there to be a breakthrough in my thought pattern or something. no luck. i'm at a loss for words. well, maybe on the long walk back to my jeep....
i've been working for about 20 years now, i've always had full time jobs,i've never been fired and i only quit one job in my life the others have been through temporary agencies where i'd get laid off after a long term assignment. it ends. i think i need to just change that. i don't mean like the way i am now and not work at all, although it has been rather nice. but perhaps look into a part time job doing whatever so i can save some money and have more time to be creative. i don't have the aspirations of becoming a doctor or lawyer or even a housewife. i just want to create images of how i feel about rock'n roll music.
i'm STILL thinking about what i witnessed at the troubadour the other night.... The Hunches made me FEEL!!
my dream job would be to go on tour with a band that i felt completely comfortable with and take photos of 'em while seeing the world. it would be a major plus if i ended up with a band like the hunches, i mean i would be in heaven every single night getting to feel that kind of energy EVERY SINGLE time they played.

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