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11:54 PM

music: wilco - being there

i went to see Rooney on Sunday at the Wiltern Theatre.
i met my friend at about 5pm at the theatre then we headed to melrose to find a place to eat before the show. the line was almost around the block when i picked him up. thats just nuts to be waiting in line for 2 hours in the sun for the doors to open. i don't think it was even sold out. we drove around the hollywood hills for the hell of it then finally around 8pm we head back. turns out there were two bands we had to wait through. we were both pretty tired and before Rooney even hit the stage we were both yawning and complaining. ha ha. we were the oldest ones there.... well, i was at least. although i did see some "parents" lurking around. Rooney came on and the little girls were screaming. it was the same screams i remember hearing when i saw Scott Baio sing, yes sing! at Knotts Berry Farm. crazy. I was way into the guitar player. the guy is awesome. the singer is definitely a "showman" with all his hand claps and whatnot. the girls were eating out of the guys hands. after hearing one of their awful, and i do mean AWFUL new songs called 'the one armed man" we were both totally ready to hit the road for some much needed sleep. i can't believe how bad that song was. it's like they ran out of ideas and just had some random idiot off the street make some words up or something. i can almost guarantee you that the second album won't even hold up to their first. it will suck bad.
all and all the band was good live. i'm sure i would have enjoyed it more if i wasn't so tired.
speaking of which, i was also feeling like not going out tonight but went anyway. another friend from the O.C. was going to the galaxy to see The Walkmen so that swayed me into going to see The Vacation open for them. I'm glad i went. Both bands were excellent. it just sucked that The Vacation didn't get the second slot because it was excruciating having to sit through the other band waiting for The Walkmen to come on. Unfortunatly there was only a few people to see The Vacation, mostly from L.A. :) Goes to show you how lame the O.C. really is........ i mean how can these people be into that second band and not get there early enough to see a REAL rock 'n roll band such as The Vacation. i'm just trying to make a point. The second band called Ashbury or something like that.... they were like a secondary, wannabe Interpol with a bad lead singer.
The Vacation are entertaining, i love to watch stephens' "guitar faces", the guy just rocks on guitar. he has a distinctive style.
i noticed ben's voice in a different way tonight.. i think it was during one of their new songs... i love the guys voice .... i can totally see him doing singer/songwriter songs and i think he would be great at it.
It was my 4th time seeing The Walkmen, i think. well maybe just 3 because i was completely wasted the one time they played at spaceland also with The Vacation back then. anyway..... It feels good not to drink so much - duh! The Walkmen make me smile because the guitar player has an infectious smile. he looks so damn happy up there! the drummer is amazing. I always seem to watch the drummers the most and he is a really good one to watch. he and his drum riser was higher than everyone else. it was good for photos. The singer had this way he held the mic and screamed some of the songs, i think it's his signature 'hand held mic scream". he does it so well. if the singer was walking down the street you would not know he was a musician at all. he looks like a normal guy, in fact they all do. i wish i could remember which one i was talking to in line at the largo that one night about two years ago or so. they seemed like such assholes before they blew up into what they are today.

oh man, it's almost 12:30 - i must get some sleep now. g'nite!

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