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5:29 PM

music: Sun Volt  - Straightaways  (i've been listening to this over and over)

....... i finally got a job after being out of work since... what? November. wow! nothing like the last minute with almost being out of money completely. oddly enough i haven't had any stress whatsoever while being out of work. my new job even pays more than i expected/asked for. i'm extremely happy, even more than usual! so no more sitting in front of my computer checking guys out on "myspace" ha ha. kidding of course!
first thing i'm going to do this weekend is buy some new tires for my jeep, it's soo over due.  you would think by getting a new job that it would slow me down from going to see bands, nope! i'm going to see the Finn Brothers tonight as my friend invited me with an extra ticket. Last night i went to Spaceland and was out until almost 2am and was still able to make it to my first day on the job on time. MC5 played last night with mark arm and evan dando and a special surprise guest......LEMMY! man, i was so excited to see him walk on stage, warts and all. the man is beautiful and i love him! It was an amazing night. mark, once again belted out the songs as if he was doing an early mudhoney concert. I took, i think, like 3 rolls of film.
the bellrays opened the show. boy can this woman sing! she has the biggest afro i've ever seen on a woman. nebula were next. to me they sounded like one big guitar solo/practice. i used to be into them as well as fu mancho but not anymore. i guess if you are high, you may be able to enjoy sitting through them.
ok,  um ... i think i made a complete idiot out of myself last night....... mark finally recognized me while he was on stage with evan and waved (i think i even got a photo of that) but afterwards i went over to him and he gave me a hug hello but then i had to speak... first it was cool, i just told him that the shows were great then i had to bring up how in shape he seemed, i mean the guy is scrawney, i think i can even take him. but i meant it in the way of the energy, like the old mudhoney days.  i don't like it when i have a crush on a guy, cuz i can't speak. yeah... that's quite a crush, we are talking since the late 80's! well, i felt lame for saying what i said and just said goodbye as there were a few people around him that i'm sure had better comments to say to the guy. i then saw larry from "in the red records" and he asked about The HUNCHES photos that I took and wants to use them. yay!
i also ran into another friend who i haven't seen in a long time (Bo) and he asked if i knew anyone who wants to be a "photo assistant" but only on the weekend. and i'm like.. ..... are you fucking kidding me?! i'm totally into that as well and the best thing is that it's in long beach. so .... at the start of this week i had no job and now i have 2! assuming that i actually work on the weekends. thats amazing to me!
after the new tires, i want to start looking for a loft in L.A.

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