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song: you got me hummin' by reigning sound. this song kicks ass! listen the the guitars. i play this song over and over and over again!

"Suze, There is a guy out there for you - but that guy isn't me" = i loved hearing this the other night. seriously, i did. it's the best thing anyone has ever said to me. it was so honest and i admire that......even more! we laughed about it. call me weird. he better write a song about it now!
i had the most amazing adventurous weekend (a lap dance wasn't involved though) and it's only saturday night. Friday i met a "friend" at Boardners and we drank and talked. then we took a taxi somewhere......... walked around. later we ended up at the 101 for breakfast we both sat there in a daze, you know that feeling in the morning after a night out of drinking and staying up all night... well, it was like we were under water or something. i kept staring at people but not really looking at them. i was craving grease so i had a grilled cheese. we went to catch the first showing of before sunset with ethan hawk and i have to say it was a pretty good flick. lot's of dialogue. i came home and crashed for a bit then got up and went to see the Detroit Cobras with some other friends. man, they rock. it's total "shake your ass" type of music. flash express opened the show, this time they reminded me of early jon spencer. it's cool , cuz no one else does right now so it's alright, i'll let it slide. i still like 'em.
on the way home from the movie as i headed down by melrose / fairfax, a fire hydrant was shooting water 100 feet up in the air. it was so cool looking. cars looked like they were in a really bad storm. i'm so glad i had my camera with me! :) then on the way to meet my friend at swingers tonight before the detroit cobras show, i saw a car on fire in the fast lane of the 710, black smoke filled the air and the flames were shooting higher and higher, yep - got a photo or two of that also! all the cars were stopped then the cops arrived and let cars go around. i could feel the heat as i drove past. strange happenings....then i saw this white pit bull walking down the double yellow lines of melrose ave. right off the 101. it was sad.... so i took a photo. all the cars were stopping but everyone seemed afraid to get out of their cars to try and help him at all.
man, there is nothing going on for the 4th of July. i was gonna try and get some friends together to meet at the standard but i don't know if anyone would be into it or not. it might be fun to watch fireworks from the roof...... while eating 5 dollar fries of course!
g'nite, i'm so exhausted.

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