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sunday i ended up hanging out at home until about 3pm then bob called and we went to disneyland WITHOUT lindsay who was alseep until 5:30 pm. oh well..... next time for sure lindsay!
we went on every ride you can think of. we had this fabulous drink in this french place near frontierland called mint julep. i loved it! never had it before. bob walks really super fast ...... so you are bound to feel like your on a marathon when you are walking..... errr i mean running with him. i think i lost like 5 lbs! When we walked past the carousel i noticed that not only Pluto and one of the chipmonks but Mickey & Minnie were all riding on it together. I've never seen that. It would have made for an excellent photo. then later when we were checking out the area by the wishing well near the castle..... here comes minnie all by herself just skipping and dancing around the wishing well all by herself. it was classic!

On Monday I went to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Echo who were the special guests of The Vue. I had to stand through the vue.... man, that was hard! they did absolutely nothing for me. I started to smile half way through their set just thinking about BRMC being on stage soon. BRMC were louder than fuck! if i didn't have ear plugs then i'd be deaf for sure. i heard that they had a lot of probems at coachella and only played a song and 1/2. well, last night they had some more problems and from where i was standing i think it was the roadies/guitar techs. they sucked and BRMC were pissed at them. they didn't even tune Peter's guitar correctly. he stopped and tuned it himself. If those guitar techs still have a job after that show i would be surprised! I could tell that they didn't want to come back out for the encore but we kept clapping and yelling for them and they said that we were the only reason why they came back out.
I love BRMC because of their droning type guitar sound. peter plays a beautiful red gretsch. As they came back on stage for the encore they were all smoking. I didn't mind because it made for some good photos with the lights and smoke.
i thought i had more to talk about but i'm not feeling it anymore.

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