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2:56 PM

i have the worst headach that i've had in years.... due to lack of food, rest and the heat (i was in palm springs)

If you like old cadillacs and rattlesnakes then salton sea is the place to be!
i had to take my mom to go visit my gramps in the hospital there. the dude is 91 and still has a lot of life in him. it's amazing. after a visit with him it just makes me want to work even less, mainly because at his age the only thing he can remember more than anything is his job at Firestone. he kept going on about it... and on and on. he had many stories about his job. We were trying to get him to talk about family and stuff so my mom can finish her genealogy book. I just don't want to be that old and be talking about my job. I know i won't be. I'll be going on about ... i remember when i saw Nirvana play at this shit hole of a club in L.A. called Jabberjaw or i used to see this amazing band called The Vacation. hee hee
Actually I don't want to live that long unless i am able to take care of myself.
On our way back to our hotel in palm Springs we wanted to take a look at my gramps property beings my mom hasn't been there in almost 10 years. The place is a dump and as i walked around very carefully as to not step in any open rattlesnake holes, i spotted a baby rattlesnake. i walked up close to it and alex was like "get back, them suckers jump out at ya" so i did.
i found an old white cadillac pretty much covered in overgrown bushes. The back end looked pretty good, the fins weren't rusted out or anything but i'm sure it needed a lot of work (fun!!) I told my mom that i want it and to let my uncle know that if he ever wanted to get rid of it.... except that I would not want to be the one hauling that thing out of there either... ewww! i also saw an old mustang and some other really really old 20's type cars. This guy named Alex, who lives on the property totally reminds me of the bearded old man on that 70's show, talked just like him! he was telling us that my gramps has paul newmans bike from some movie in one of the sheds there. I didn't want to go in the shed to find out. again ewwww! i have no idea why he would have paul newmans bike anyhow.
It's just good to be home again. I'm ready to go on a road trip though. On the way home we stopped at the aerial tram in palm springs, it was a shock to see how much it has changed since i've been up in it. We didn't ride it this time though.
the Piranhas are playing at Koo's Cafe in LB tonight. Hey Bill, i think roger and I are going. you should go to. Larry from In the Red Records put them out so we are gonna go check them out, that is if i get rid of this wonderful headach that i have acquired.

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