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11:37 AM

music: hellacopters, soul asylum and are you ready for this.... pretty boy floyd!

i guess hanging around certain people i sorta pick up on some of their tastes even though i was into all this glam stuff when it was actually going on.
so anyway.... what have i been up to?

Friday night i went to see Jon Brion, He was so ON.... I mean there was this energy about him and he was just rocking out. Neil Finn was hanging around and so was "the gay butcher" gabe the fiddle player as well as Sarah Watkins so it was an all star jam during the second set. oh and john c reiley was standing right next to me during the whole first set. my friend dave who moved to DC awhile ago is in town and he was all excited about seeing jon again. i'm just glad it was a good night for him. ((hey dave you should e-mail me and we should hang out at ameoba and drink some tea sometime this week)).
Saturday i went to see Van Helsing with susan, it wasn't that great but alright for what it was. i think i'd rather have seen hellboy though. at first i didn't want to see this movie coming out called "the day after tomorrow" something like that anyway... because i'm deathly afraid of shit like that actually happening - tidal waves scare the hell out of me for some reason. but i noticed that jake from donnie darko is in it. so i must see it!
This weekend i was a beach bunny. i just meant that i went to the beach on saturday and sunday.... something i normally wouldn't do. i don't like the sun so much and i'm not one to swim in the ocean unless i was in someplace like hawaii. I went to huntington beach on saturday night with a friend, it was just cool to sit on the sand drinking a beer and listening to the waves crash on the beach. i just hate when your in deep conversation and having a good time and the beach patrol drives up near you and is shinning lights all around .... it just makes me feel like i shouldn't be there which is ridiculous, its a public beach. he didn't shine the light on us but it was just annoying to know that they are driving around-back and forth just watching. I mean if i was making out with this guy that would have made me feel as if we where 17 or something! gheez.
sunday, mothers day - i took my mom to la jolla, san diego. we were just gonna go to corona del mar but somehow i passed it and just felt the need to keep driving. it was a nice day. we had lunch before we left then after we walked around quite a bit we went to this place called moondoggies to have an early dinner. the waiter sat us outside and we were the only ones out there and it took forever for them to bring us the chips and salsa and water. i had to get up and go find our waiter/hostess and ask him if we can order now. he took like 5 more minutes to come over and asked something like "are you ready to order" - he was carrying 2 pitchers of water so he obviously couldn't take our order right then. so we thought he was gonna come back after dropping the pichers off. but instead we figured out that he said "have you already ordered".... so after 10 more minutes of eating the chips and drinking water i said " hey, i'm full wanna go" and my mom was all for that. so free chips and salsa was our dinner. cool! So don't go to mooddoggies in La Jolla! :)
I went to disneyland with a friend later that night on sunday.... it was like 10:00 so we only went on two rides and watched part of the water show "fantasia" before we headed out. it's good to know other people with disney passes!


Robert Dahlqvist's band have their first single out, "Believe In Me" b/w "Coming Back" and it smokes! Get it and wait for the full length to come out.

Listen to it!
1. Believe In You
2. Coming Back

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