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5:35 PM

music: 1. Rooney 2. The Willowz

Tonight I went to see The Shore and Ian Moore at Tangier but first i met cari at the derby.... it was free. Satisfaction just finished as we walked in, a band from OC that i wanted to check out... oh well. The fictions were to go on at 11:30 but we were over watching the shore at that time and caught the last 2 songs of the fictions... the drummer reminds me of the enuff z' nuff drummer, just the way he moves his arms and legs. i dig that!
Ian Moore has a really cool voice. he played guitar and sang and had a kick drum while the other guy sat down and played the guitar. he's sorta alt country. his last 2 songs were the bee gees then sam cooke. i was amazed. he did them without a mic and just walked around the room with his guitar. it was pretty cool. i got chills.
The Shore did their set with a new guy on guitar... his first live gig with 'em. It was a good set. The whole time i was thinking how much i wanted to just rip ben's shirt off and ........oooops. i'll stop there. sorry.

rock and roll is about sex and drugs right?! sometimes i just want to be that groupie, but in a good way. so if you are in a band that rocks....... ha ha! i'm kidding!
stop it!! i know rock and roll is about the music but sometimes you gotta say what the fuck "david lee roth". life is short - rock the fuck out!

so where was i? oh yeah, The Shore were really good........... fuck it , the singer is just really really hott - who the fuck am i kidding? no wait they are a really good band too!

i'm in an odd mood right now..... i feel like listening to the stones and drinking red wine with somebody really really good looking and nice! but i don't know anyone like that! ha ha, do you? is that so wrong? i need some eye candy in front of me when i'm drinking..... shallow? i don't think soo.. so don't even think it! you know me damnit!!!
whats that soul aslyum song..... "i need somebody to shove"
whats that replacements song..... "another girl another planet" "anywhere is better than here" "answering machine" = these are all songs i want to make out to right now!
the shore rock tangier

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