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music: radiohead - neil young :)

you know you had a good time when you wake up with glitter all over your body! I went to a club called King King last night, It's Taime's club. he was in an 80's glam band called Faster Pussycat. The club was dark and had a red glow to it. and it has a huge bar in the middle of it. I felt at home because it reminded me of the times i hung out on the sunset strip with all the HAIR bands as a kid. Frisky Jones was the first to hit the stage. It was Brady's first time to play on stage, i think thats what was said. "Frisky Jones".... i love that name! It's a three piece with Brady singing and playing his white "V" guitar. He sure does have the look down. The music was straight ahead rock and roll sorta in the same vain as motley crue. The songs were alright. I can't remember any of them though. Could be due to a large consumption of free booze. The S'Cool Girls were up next. Talking about a lot of glitter!! omg! they have everything.... the look, the clothes, the sound and the showmanship. What a package!! and i do mean package. They wore these little tight spandex pants... size 2 or 0. just really really tiny. They had some dancers dressed as cheerleaders on stage with them during the last song. Glitter was flying everywhere! In my hair, in my drink , and down my top. I can't wait to see them again. Next up was Tuesday with her band Vexy Strut. She is a beautiful beautiful girl and she knows it... as she should! I love her voice and her whole look. She did a wonderful cover version of Heart's "Barracuda" excellent! This chick is a rock n' roll star! After the show Cari and Nina dragged me to the dressing room where I shot some "backstage" shots. As we walked outside I see Taime for the first time in like which seems like 15 years. He looks completely different. I was sorta drunk and said "hey! Taime" with a head nod as if i knew him and he turned around and gave me a head nod back. hee hee. It was a perfectly fun night to say the least. I want to keep going to this club, maybe instead of the largo. ha ha. In fact i'm not going to the largo tonight.

I went to Spaceland on Monday to see The Like, Ben Lee and Telecast. On the way i was listening to The Hellacopters and whenever i hear them my first thought is of my friend bernie who lives in Chicago only because we both love the hellacopters like nobodys business!! and the weird thing is.... that he called me on my cell as i was just about to hit silverlake where all cell phones stop working for some odd reason. I walk into Spaceland and it was so fucking crowded in there, i just couldn't handle it. it was awful. I headed to the back and there I was surprised to see Jake from the largo. Then i see/meet a couple of friends on myspace and the twins from The Vacation and finally Cari. I was not happy to be in such a crowded room. as soon as Ben Lee hit the stage i was up front. I was bored. I like Ben Lee's songs but wasn't in the mood, same goes for The Like. I just wasn't into it. I did like the singers babydoll dress. I wish i kept mine, maybe they will come back now! Telecast were great but i was tired. The singer stares above everyones head... it was freaking me out. I'd go see them again though.
I went to lunch with my friend susan on Tuesday then I went to the movies by myself to see Troy. I liked this movie a lot. Not only because Brad was in it either... though his hard body did make it easier to fall in love with. yum!
Man, i need to get a life... i mean a job!
..... and i need to quite thinking that i'm gonna find true love in a rock joint! not that i've been on the lookout at all, because i haven't. i've been thinking about this lately, been talking to a male friend of mine who gives good advice, it's stuff i already know but sometimes it's good to hear it out loud or even in an instant message on AOL. ha ha. so yeah, i'm gonna talk a little bit about dating right now.... you can skip to read on with the rock if ya want. I don't date much though cari reminds me that i have. I'm trying to think... out of all the guys that i have ever dated, did any of them not play music and the answer is no. they have all played or sang or something to do with music. Thats ok. and by dating I'm talking serious relationships from 3 to 6 years each.
I know i'm living in a fairy tale world and that i will never find someone who actually cares about me the way they should. i don't have a dream guy in my head. i just think i'm attracted to guys who like music or play it because it's interesting to me. I can relate to that more than to some guy who doesn't know who Bob Dylan or the Melvins are and doesn't even care.
.. here i am still going to rock shows like 3 nights a week or more and not even working. sounds pathetic, i know! I need a job. i've just gotten so lazy about it in the last few weeks. I'm gonna stay home and finish all 3 books that i've started. i'm not going out to any more shows except for judah then the hunches oh and the backyard babies. see! see how hard it is. I can't give it up!! but i am giving up the largo on Friday nights. get up off the floor. ha ha
It's like the 12 step program. I've got to ween myself away from it.
1. read more 2. rock less 3. get a job. 4. maybe, just maybe find a nice guy to settle down with, maybe listen to The Rolling Stones and drink red wine... ha ha.
**** now THAT was personal! *********

The next day... Wednesday, I went to Cari's place first and we met up with some of her friends at the Tiki Bar. Finally I get to experience it, everytime I've ever tried to go it was either too crowded or closed. This bar is owned by a father and son and his father before him. Very friendly crowd. I had a few drinks called "Ray's Mistake" there is a story behind it that i'm sure you can figure out or just ask the bartender. I met Irene and Dan? and also a Brit named Glenn..(none of them play music!).. we were all getting pretty toasted. Glenn kept insisting that i was much to quiet. This is only true when i feel uncomfortable or when i have nothing to say. I felt both that night. I know this is a bad thing but after drinking we all went to the Kabitz room to see the greatest rock n' roll band ever called The Vacation. hee hee. Cari drove Irene and I rode in the car with Glenn because he didn't know where he was going plus i like british accents. he fucking drives crazy - yet totally in control. it was exciting yet stupid. I promise not to do that again, nor drive drunk. It's bad, very bad.
it's not even funny. We all arrive safely. We were going to eat at Mexico City after the Tiki room because it was close by. just as we arrived, they closed. We were gonna eat at Canters which is hooked onto the Kabitz room.... but Glenn led me to the bar and we had a drink then Cari found us but we couldn't get Glenn to go eat so we all drank some more. Damn Brits!! ha ha. There was some problem with him not being home on time and his wife was pissed at him on the phone. It was his birthday to. I'm saying to much... anyway it was sad that we couldn't get him to sober up before driving home to the wife. We were trying to take care of him but he sped off. I don't want to know what happened when he did arrive home. I'd beat his ass if i were her! ha ha. whatever. The Vacation played late. We were ready to rock. We stood up front because there is no other place to be in this tiny room. Irene was noticably drunk holding Ben's pom pom's during one of the songs. She kept playing with his chest with one of the pom pom's - it was funny.
For some reason, i wasn't scared of Ben that night. I'm usually afraid of what he might do, he is so unpredictable sometimes. I know i talk about them a lot but they are truly one of my favorite local rock bands. The minute the music starts, I can feel the energy it's sexy metal rock. not really metal....but very much catchy rock. by sexy i mean, the music makes you feel sexy. well maybe not YOU but .... yeah, whatever. i like 'em. They write the types of songs that you can have in your head all day long. not the annoying kind though.
i don't know what i'm up to this weekend...

Have a good.... no, i mean GREAT weekend!

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