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I just got back from a dinner party that Yamaha put on at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center. I was invited by a friend of mine who works there. I worked there for about 6 months, temping for someone who went on maternity leave. i grew up with Yamaha actually. my mom worked there for over 25 years. anyway....... growing up and going to all the Yamaha functions as a kid..... the only thing i can remember is seeing robyn ford and the yellow jackets all the time or there was the NaMM shows where all the musicians hung out looking and trying out new gear - they always had good bands play at those shows, one year i saw spinal tap, that was cool.
where was i going with this?.... oh yeah, tonight no one knew who was going to play, it was a huge secret show. there was talk of stevie wonder or Paul McCartney or Elton John...... nope, didn't happen. shit i would have been happy to have seen "something corporate or BRMC" 2 of Yamaha's artists now. Instead it was, in list form: Fred Hammond -gospel singer, Go West guy, Jude Cole (acoustic guitar player), Nikka Costa, Taylor Eigisti a cute boy jazz pianist that played a Duke Ellington song, Charlotte Martin, KEB 'MO - a blues guy - this was the best act of them all! , C.C. Winans,
Stacy Orrico, and Chakka Kahn. if you want to know anything about any of these artists you can go to: to get a background of their work.
but i'll tell you what i thought anyway...... the guy from American Idol hosted the whole show by the way... forgot his name (the black one). he seemed to know everyone on stage! there was lot's of gospel singing going on.... a little too much for my tastes. Nikki Costa was introduced and I got super excited thinking the guy said Neko Case then Nikki came out......arrrrgh! she was about to fall out of her little white top! there was lots of screaming tonight with all the women singers esp. Chakka Kahn. It wasn't the cool kinda screaming either... it was like those high pitched ones. I don't know what was up with the go west guy (remember that band) yikes! he kept doing this thing with his right hand... he kept putting it on his chest then to his hip and he did this little dance. it was just something i didn't need to see. Taylor Eigisti is a young guy - 17 i think, he played piano and he had 2 guys up there playing bass and drums. they did a Duke Ellington song, which was pretty amazing. then there was charlotte Martin.... at this point i went to the bathroom and didn't return until she was done. then stacy, CC and Chakka..... there was just a little too much girl screams for me. The whole show was just too perfect for my tastes. some people may like that sorta thing....they were all musician musicians. I like it a lot more dirty and dangerous!
We had drinks and dinner before the show...... should have had a few more drinks! after the gig we went back to the bar and hung out for a bit. we caught the tail end of friends. ho hum! I did a little "networking", lots of older men in the bar who were being really friendly. these men wanted to know what i did for a living and i told them that i don't do anything and that i'm looking for work. I'd like a job back at Yamaha, i told them that I need to be the person that finds their artists!! I am the woman for that job for sure. I would have picked the bands that would have ROCKed the house tonight.

.......watching Jay Leno and.....
...... um what the fuck is up with the black eyed peas?..... omg! this is complete crap. the girl may as well be a stripper in a club, the dudes .... i don't know what to say about them... pimps maybe. fucking lame!!..... ok, so suze isn't into hip hop or whatever you want to call this crap. ........

have you seen Bowling for Columbine yet? i know it's kinda old but i just watched it on netflix. i can't believe i waited this long to see it. a friend of mine kept raving about it and he was right. It is an important movie. I think everyone should watch it. it should be shown in all schools (high school and college) just everyone should see it. Michael White is an amazing man! other movies i have from netflix and some that i borrowed from my friend are: last tango in paris, dancer in the dark... my man godfrey, the cotton club, blazing saddles and true romance which i've seen a long long time ago.

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