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11:56 AM

music: YES MUSIC!!

i woke up to *willowz city baby, baby - git down git down* i will have THAT in my head all day now. i guess whatever you are listening to before you go to bed thats what you will wake up with in your head!

last night was fucking amazing.... i seem to have a lot of those nights huh? lucky girl? i think sooo.... Canadians, Jon Brion, Swingers and The Objectives is what i will write about later.
ha! more later..... i'm gonna go catch the new lily taylor movie (i luv her).
tonight is FOW at the Wiltern.


Friday night I go eat at Swingers alone at table 105. Garden Burgers are pretty good there and the waiters/waitresses are super friendly. i get to the largo super early, so i walked around the block a few times and talked to some friends on my cell - i know, soo L.A.! lame!!
I was the first in line then these Canadians came up and we started talking. Geoff, the son who is 22 and his father Mike. I love their relationship! Such cool people. We sat and got to know each other for about an hour before the doors opened. At one point this grungy guy (not the cool kind) but the smelly, wacky homeless kind, came up to us and asked us what we were doing and offered us some weed. He took it out of his baggie and even dropped some on the sidewalk, the stuff was in chunks still. nope, i did not partake in the pot.
Cari showed up and after we got into the largo to get our hand stamped we took off to see The Objectives at the Troubadour. It was Erich's first gig. His younger brother, Evan is a hottie! OMG!! ok, so he's only 17. Evan has so much talent it's almost frightening to think where he will be at in .... say 5 years. The kid can play any instrument that is set in front of him. I heard a lot of influences in their music by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and some pop stuff. I dig 'em and you should to. Erich did a wonderful version of Jon Brion's "love of my life so far" which was jawdropping from the look on Cari and Jakes faces, me to of course. So Erich when you become a big rockstar can i go on the road with you?! ha ha. Oh... and i loved that when Erich was introducing the band, his guitar player's name is Brett Michaels!! Before my eyes even had time to light up Erich said "no, suze .. not that Brett Michaels". Cari and I were cracking up.
Erich and his roomate wanted to go see Jon Brion afterwards but it was sold out by the time they arrived.... it was a new door guy and all. PJ would have totally let them in. And what pissed me off is that only 20 minutes after they left the door guy let a bunch of people in!! they could have come back for the second set but i'm sure they weren't much for waiting outside alone. no line whatsoever!!
Geoff and Mike got my regular seats at the bar and let us sit down for awhile and they even bought me drinks all night. I tell ya, those Canadians aren't so bad!! ha ha! Totally Sweet. There was loads of musicians there, but none came up and did anything with Jon. It's alright Jon really rocked all by himself! I love when he get's in the mood to just go crazy and rip the joint! I can't remember much of the set really. He did David Bowie's "Heros" that was awesome! hey jake, maybe you can remember some songs and comment on it!!! I just know he was in a good mood and it was a good night for newcomers!

I saw these people walking around : Steve McDonald from Redd Kross, his wife Ana from that dog, Gabe (the gay butcher - fiddle player), Sara Watkins of Nickle Creek, Kirt from Trinket, Ron Sexsmith and Rikki Lee Jones.
After the show i talked to my buddy Dave from D.C., it was funny to see someone get so excited about seeing Jon perform..... after jon did one of his hit songs, it was either "happy with you" or "love of my life"... Dave was so overcome by happiness that he felt the need to share so he came over to give me a hug... he was soo happy he was there! it was cute. could have been because he was high to. ha ha.
We all hung out for an hour after the show and talked...I was talking to Kirt, and Geoff was standing in line to talk to Jon. He even got a hug out of Jon. You should have seen my face. It's like I've been seeing Jon for about 8 years now, almost every friday night, give or take a few years and a few fridays, and not once did i ever get a hug from the guy!! ha ha. Geoff is a very charming fellow to say the least.... so is his father. I took them to Swingers for breakfast after the show. We sat at table 105, and Mike picked up the tab. The waitress kept calling us all "honey, sweetheart, baby" even i was about to ask her for her number! LOL. Thanks again you guys!! safe travels on your way home! keep in touch.
I roll in around 5am as per usual on a Friday night.... boy does that ever mess up my Saturdays! I woke up at 9am to the weed wacker guy next door. So instead of fighting it, I got up and watched Lizzy Maguire. don't lie, i know you watch it too!! I went to the movies with Susan Saturday afternoon to see that new Lili Taylor movie called *a slipping-down life*. It was ok... the soundtrack should be pretty good for sure!
I had a wonderful Weekend and I hope you did to!

ps - you may or may not be wondering why I didn't mention seeing Fountains of Wayne..(FOW), well they were good but i'm gonna stop buying advanced tickets to big shows like that......although I REALLY really want to go see ROONEY who is playing there soon! I'm not into the new look of the Wiltern at all. It's a beautiful place but i liked the way they had the seats all the way up to the front of the stage before! Nothing better than sitting right in front of Tom Waites as he is playing Piano! although that wasn't me, my boyfriend at the time and I gave up our 1st and 3rd row seats to sit together.... awww, isn't that cute?! how stupid is that?! I tell you the stupid things you do for love. ha ha. Turnes out that if we would have kept them I would have been sitting right in front of Tom's Piano, I mean RIGHT THERE! And my ex would have been sitting with his old guitar player from his hair band back in the 80's called "Little Boots" who now plays with A Perfect Circle and some other bands I forgot, not knowing it until after the show when my ex's brother came over to us and said "hey thanks for the seat, I sat next to Troy all night!" We ran into him after the show....
oh.... so yeah about Fountains of Wayne, They were good and I was bopping my head along to some of the songs but all and all, I could have saved my money or went to see Ben Kweller instead. FOW didn't move around all that much..... i mean, i knew it wasn't going to be like a Hellacopters show, but what is? am i right?! ha ha.
Ron Sexsmith opened up, he plays at the largo from time to time...... he is really good but I just was not in the mood for it. I was falling asleep. I think I'm getting more and more picky as time goes by (no, i'm not getting old!). It was fun hanging out with Jake and Lindsay before the show though. We met at Swingers for a bite to eat. I had this huge Brownie Sunday... why? I don't know. I ate the whole thing though, and I don't even like chocolate that much or sweets.

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