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3:24 AM

music: buffalo tom

i went to the tangier tonight to see Trespassers William and the shore. i'd never been there before and didn't know what to expect. the tangier had this largo vibe to it, except people were talking while the bands were playing. sooo fucking rude, i tell ya.
This John Gold band played first. i was way impressed with their monsterous drums, the sound was great! after they took them down the next bands drums looked like a kiddies drum kit. oh! i would compare it with Paxton ~ from The Vacations' 1930's drum kit. amazing! John Gold reminded me of Mark Curry. ah but you probably never heard of him, anyway they are worth seeing again. In fact they have a Wednesday night residency at the Tangier in March. ok, i'll tell ya anyway---- Jack Black was there to see John Gold and even helped them carry equipment off the stage.
next up were Trespassers William....ah.... i've already heard mazzy star and jewel although i like mazzy star, i just don't ---- ah fuck it. i didn't like them, enough said.
they were B O R I N G. I had to hold my head up the whole time so i wouldn't hit the table with it while i took a snooze. most of their songs were like 5 minutes too long. if you don't already know ... songs should only be between 1 min 50 sec to about 3 min at the most well, unless of course you are led zeppelin then you can jam as long as you want and it would be really cool. and i don't know what is up with the singer playing the acoustic guitar on her lap as if she were.......oh man what was that blind guys name again?? he played with an electric guitar on his lap, but he was BLIND!! i'm really not trying to be mean but.....oh maybe she just needed to sit down and have something to do to keep herself awake. maybe the other nights they played were better?? i don't know.
up next was The Shore. I love this band! and it's not because every band member is beautiful either... if i was blind i would love this band. I loved that they played a Gretsch guitar as well as the epiphone, they sound amazing! This band is tight, the singer is very melodic and hits all the high notes dead on. they just rock, ok! their next show is at the hotel cafe on jan 30th. for me it's a toss up between seeing them or going to see jon brion as usual for a Friday. jon who? just kidding jon! as if he would be reading this anyway. i don't even know the guy and have been seeing him at the largo since the first year he played there back in 96?? i don't even remember, but his music really changed my life.
so go see The Shore! and don't forget about The Vacation..... they are playing EVERY monday at 11pm for FREE at Spaceland in February along with other wonderful bands.
did anyone happen to hear The Vacation on KXLU tonight at midnight?? if so, let me know how it went! I was gonna go to my car but The Shore were just getting ready to hit the stage......
I'm planning on going to see Jill Sobule at the Largo on Wednesday. This woman has incredibly wity lyrics as well as a great voice, she is so darn cute! Goldenboy is also playing. ah.. but now i hear that the drugstore cowgirls are playing the same night at this new place, to me anyway - called star shoes! damn!! I'll have to catch them in February with The Vacation at Spaceland.
OMG, it's past 3am. must sleep now.

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