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The Thrills, not the stills or the kills, but The Thrills were pretty great last night. The sound was fantastic. Although it's one of those bands that I don't have the urge to see again. I really didn't like most of their new songs, maybe a few but they played about 5 of them. Patrick Park opened for them. A really mellow singer songwriter who i've seen before and also like a lot.
i had brought my camera then at the door the guy was nice about it but said no cameras and explained that it was the bands request. i figured as much so i was prepared to take it back to my car. inside i saw kids with these little cameras and camera phones. it's like what the fuck! just because mine is a normal size! i'm not really mad right now i just like to say fuck a lot, or type it at least.
as for the no camera and recording policy --- after seeing the documentary the other night at the knitting factory i've been thinking. I really think the bands should be happy that people want to take their pic's and record them. In 10 or so years they will be remembered, ya know? well, bands i've seen 10 or 15 years ago, i just haven't gotten around to doing anything with the pic's or recordings, but i will!
anyway, i just don't see the big problem with any of it. if you do, please explain.
if it's that they are afraid of losing money or not getting any money for it, c'mon fuck that! they can make money with what they are already doing. i could understand the bootleg t-shirts though. just not the live recordings and pics, thats all.
so, i'm all for pearl jams views on this sorta stuff. they let cameras in as well as recorders. though i haven't been into them since..... i don't even remember.
a cool thing i noticed outside the troubadour as i was leaving was these kids handing out stickers, pins, postcards and these little variety packs from Filter Magazine of band stuff. pretty cool for bands. I really like the fact that The Thrills also had iron on's that they were also giving away with the stickers. pretty great idea. all bands should do this!
if you are in a band and want to be included in the Filter variety giveaway pack here is the info: call 323.930.2882 or e-mail or
i think it's a great way to get exposure for your band.

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