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music: rooney
mood: tense

wow! it's friday already. i'm excited about seeing the thrills tonight. this week has been sorta a downer besides going out last night to see the NYC Punk Rock TV show - live music from 1974-1980 at the knitting factory. they showed footage from CBGB's of the Dead Boys, Blondie, The Offs, Iggy, The Go Go's, Talking Heads (yawn!), and many others. it was pretty worth it. someday they will make a movie out of it and have a DVD of all the footage that these two women taped back in those days.
--- so my sister came into town on Tuesday from Boston. my moms surgery was Thursday, we were at the hospital from 7am - 6pm. the staff screwed up a few times by losing my moms lab work, forgetting to schedule this- before surgery thing And forgetting to make sure they had the films, which i had to run back to the hospital from having lunch at the claim jumper across the street to give them to them - i didn't know they were in this bag that i had of my moms! they should have had everything ready to go before my mom even went in the surgery room!! so i hear this beep on my cell as my sister and i are having lunch - the doctor leaves a message saying i had the films in my moms bag, so as i was running over with it they call claim jumper and the manager "ross" seemed more panicky than us, he said it was an emergency call from the hospital about our mom. my sister said that i had just ran over to the hospital and was taking care of it. the manager gave us a free meal and wished my mom a speedy recovery. thanks ross! very kind!

my sister is the motherly type so i let her take care of my mom while i went out last night, i was feeling like i was in the way as i always do in my sisters presence. i'm sure she feels guilty for not really being around and not coming to vist often enough so i let them have their time. we are not close at all, complete opposites. so anyway...... i won't get into detail.
i thought i'd go work off some tension by hitting the gym, i was gone for an hour and a half.
i really hope that i don't come off as if i don't have a heart, cuz i do. people just deal with certain things different ways. if my sister wasn't around then i'd be staying home. i almost feel like it's one of those soap operas---- almost. gotta get away!

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