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You don't realize how addicted you are to something until you don't have access to it any longer! That's for sure.
Myspace has been either down or screwed up for a few days now. It's annoying when you've sent messages and they are no longer in your "sent" box, or someone sent you a message that you intended to write back to and it's no longer there! I feel like that guy in the movie Singles where he was in the phone booth spilling out his heart to his g/f's machine and the machine eats the tape!!
No, it's really not exactly like THAT but you get the idea.

I've been watching old movies lately besides going to see all the new movies in the theatres except for Lord of the Rings, which I plan on seeing Sunday afternoon at an Imax Theatre! I love old movies. For instance I just finished watching "It happened one night" with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert (1934). It's got to be one of my all time favorite movies ever!! It's not like a movie today where the humor is thrown at your face or spilled in your lap, It's a movie that makes you think about how funny it is and a movie that you will remember forever. Same goes for "An affair to remember" with georgous Cary Grant and charming Deborah Kerr. I love how people dressed up back then (1950's) unlike today. The original Oceans 11 was the same way, In Vegas back then folks used to dress up to go throw their money away while gambling nowadays you walk into a casino and you see dudes with shorts and a bro hat! I honestly don't dress to the 9's anyway, I dig my levis and t-shirts just like most of you. It's just nice once in awhile to see people dressed up, thats all i'm trying to say.

I went to see Jon Brion on Friday night. It started out with a funny comedian, Frank was it? I'm sorry I forgot his name.....someone help! I've seen him before and he is great with card tricks and comedy. I mean REALLY great!! next up was "wee" Jon Brion as Flanny calls him. He jumped right in getting most of his hits out of the way, all of his new wonderful songs! I'm soo looking forward to his next album.
Some highlights for the night was Nickel Creek getting up there and doing an amazing, AmAZING cover of Dylans " Farewell Angelina" OMG! This was so fucking wonderful, I can't even find words to describe it. Jon came up and did some songs with them as well as Gabe (the fiddle player) He has a fabulous voice as well, He did this song, the name of it escapes me at the moment but he did it perfectly. I had no idea that this guy could sing like that. I was so impressed!
Jon and Nickel Creek were rocking so much that no one at Largo realized it was 2am.
They went off on this song for, which seemed like 30 minutes or so. Jon stopped and asked what time it was and everyone yelled out 2AM...he was stunned and said "ok, the law says we HAVE to quite rocking now.....time to go home, sorry and goodnight!" I love when shit like that happens. Your just rocking so much that you forget about time........

ps - you guys are forgetting to vote for Paul F. Tompkins , I know it! It will only take a few minutes, well not even a minute really......just scroll down, click on the comedy central link and vote for Tompkins. It's that easy.
while your at BREAST CANCER everyday like I do to supply free mammograms...I've been doing this everyday since I discovered this site, I also click on all the other stuff to save a tree, feed a kid and help the animals. no signs ups just a click thats all.

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