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6:35 PM

music: The Thrills

....."i'm the boss with the hot sauce"! detroit cobras!
The Detroit Cobras was a great way to start off the new year! what a booty shaken show that was! i'm so glad that i didn't just stay home as i have in past years. they say what you do on new years is what your year is going to be like!!! well, i heard that somewhere anyway. i always have rockin' years regardless, so i'm not worried one bit!
this band from japan opened first called The Peelanders...something like that....omg, they were soo damn funny. i couldn't believe what was going on, on that stage. the costumes were hilarious! picture 3 guys from japan dressed as a dragon, robot and spaceman.....well, whatever they were trying to be......hard to tell, lots of spandex and very colorfull. they had signs for each song, one said medium rare.....he held it up after he asked everyone how they like their steak cooked. lot's of screaming and yelling and noisy guitars. beautifully done. next up were Starlight Desperation. they had their moments. although i could not help but stare at the bass players body all night long for some reason. i just had this major attraction to ..... just his body. his jeans and t-shirt fit just right, perfect! the sound, well.....just nothing new really, like i said.... they had their moments of rockin', nothing special. good though. next up at midnight were the Detroit Cobras. Rachel - the singer- is so photogenic, i just want to take a million photos of her! she did the count off from 10.9.8 etc... no party favours or champaign as promised by spaceland! i don't like that stuff anyway. no kiss.... for me anyway, at the stroke of midnight either, although that wasn't included with the $20 cover. i went by myself but knew a few of my friends were going.
i headed towards the ladies room before DC were to hit the stage and who did i meet in the bathroom but Rachael herself. She is Beautiful! she was putting on her makeup while sitting on the floor in the "all too crowded" bathroom. the big mirror fell on the floor awhile ago and no one cared to put it back up! these young girls started smoking a potpipe in the bathroom then to top it off this 50 year old lady whipped out a joint and started puffing on that! i couldn't breath but wanted to hit the head before DC came on, so i toughed it out. i just hate that my hair and clothes smell like that stuff. especially driving home, ya know! it's like ... no officer i haven't smoked anything, my eyes are red and i smell like pot if the cop would believe me.
Detroit Cobras put on a great show, they did all the booty shaken songs. i think most of them are anyway..... it's just happy music and boy can Rachael sing!
seriously if you don't have the second cd entitled " life, love and leaving" go check it out! you won't be let down! I Promise!

i hope you all had an interesting Dec. 31st!!
what did you do?

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