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music: stones!

the party didn't stop on Friday, no sir! my friend roger and i ate at supermex in long beach before heading to the blue line for our lil trip to L.A. we had to stop at rockbottom for some drinks first because we knew that the standard hotel drinks were out of control! we missed the first train so we walked back to rockbottom and had a shot. i'm feeling good. we arrived to the standard one and half hours late but my friends had just gotten there only 20 minutes ago!! sarah and her husband were there with some of their friends. my friend ric from the largo is the only one who showed up out of my peeps. we all had an excellent time. the martinis were flowing big time. for those of you who know me know that i usually only drink guinness, they didn't have any. blastphamy!
we all sat on the couches by the heat lamps for hours just drinking and talking about old times. Sarah was reminding me of all the concerts we used to go to --- she got punched in the face at a show in ventura -- i thought it was the red hot chili peppers but she claims it was faith no more "we care alot" tour. early 90's i'd say.
i got kicked in the head while shooting photos of the chili peppers in ventura once, some guy comes flying off the stage after a stage dive and bam! doc martin to the back of my head! then we were talking about seeing Nirvana at places like jabberjaw, roxy and raijis. oh those were the days!
---- we went to the round white waterbeds by the pool and relaxed, someone lit up a pot pipe so i had some. again, this is not usual for me at all. just one of those things where you just do it, no reason at all. we all got on the train and headed towards cat & the fiddle for some food i believe they lit the pipe up again on the street even. i looked over at some cops on motorcycles but they didn't see us. *phew*. after a wonderful dinner and good conversations, we went our separate ways. everyone was going to see the muffs but me, rick and roger so we walked over to ameoba and did some shopping until they closed and walked back to the train to head our separate ways home.
i had a fantastic weekend to say the least. my birthday w/e will be a memorable one!

lots of good stuff coming up in the next few weeks on into february as well!! LOTS!!
tonight i'm gonna go check out the country teasers at the smell.
never been there. yeah, i'm pretty tired but i'll get over it once the rock starts! i just layed around today with a headach, watched a foreign flick "the horseman on the roof" it was pretty good.

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