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9:30AM PST - Tuesday, January 13th. We got most of the mail & picture comments back! It worked! Now we're just fixing up some other issues to get the site back to normal. Not sure how long this will take. Could be several hours.
It's kinda like baking cookies. You can't take them out of the oven too quick. (TOM)

I'm so glad that they got the mail and picture comments back up! Tom at myspace and his crew are geniuses!!

another thing---The Vacation is going to be playing live on KXLU Monday Jan 26th at 11:30 pm!

later tonight -----
I just got home from Disneyland! Today I went to Disneyland by myself and enjoyed it. First I went to the movies at downtown disney then went to California Adventure to go on the Screamer Coaster and the other ride that lifts you up and drops you. oh how i love those rides! Then I called my friend Sandy to come too, so I went to pick her up as she only lives a mile away. We walked all through Disneyland for excersize. She didn't want to go on any rides but I insisted we hit the tea cups while waiting for the damn parade to end. In fact we got to go on them twice and watched the parade while in the tea cups. Tarzan has very nice legs!! grrrrrrr!!! he was only wearing a loin cloth. and this was at Disneyland!! I couldn't help but stare at his bare chest. the only thing that ruined it for me was the bad wig! We also walked up and down the tree house and boy is that ever a workout!
On our way out we checked out the Abraham Lincoln / Walt Disney show on main street. You go in check out all the old photos, they have Walts office - the original from Burbank - in there. Walt and Abraham were friends. You then put some headphones on and go in this theatre where you learn about Abe and the gettysburg address. it was super cool. i had tears in my eyes by the time it was over! thats nothing! sometimes i cry in kodak commercials as well as the trailers for up coming movies. even that ikea commercial with the lamp in the rain gets to me!!
When I brought Sandy back to her house I watched the last two episodes of Sex in the City! via, her TIVO. man, I love that show so much!! Mikhail Baryshnikov is fucking gorgous! I've been in love with him ever since I was a teenager. I'm bummed I never got to see him dance. For an older gentlemen such as himself ---- i'd still do 'em! damn, did i just say that?

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