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11:12 AM

music: white stripes

the Pernice Brothers were great last night! i thought stephen malkmus was pretty good also. i didn't plan on staying to see him but ended up staying for the whole show. i only saw three people that i recognized last night; my friend tracy, patrick the drummer of the bigger lovers/pernice brothers and jason falkner.
i haven't had a beer in a long time and patrick brought me one from backstage, i had 4 sips and threw it away. oops sorry patrick :) needless to say i woke up with a headach this morning. funny or what.
the pernice brothers only played for about 40 minutes. i'm looking forward to seeing them next week at the coach house and the casbah where they're headlining, as they should be. i first got into the scud mountain boys which is a band joe pernice formed in the 90's. my favorite cd is called massachusetts with songs like; in a ditch, lift me up, liquor store and cigarette sandwich, you can't deny the amazing talent that the pernice brothers have. YOU JUST CAN'T!!
tonight dec 2nd tuesday.....UDORA is playing at the dragonfly and it's Leo's birthday! dec 3rd wednesdy.... sara osmer is at the hotel cafe. dec 4th thursday.... THE VACATION is going to be at the silverlake lounge with the nervous return, Slydell also the pleasure club, a really good band btw, go and check both of them out!! dec 5th friday....of course it's jon brion at the largo or brian jonestown massacre at spaceland. dec 6th saturday... the modey lemon at spaceland.

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