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3:25 AM

music: Crunt (just for Paul F. Tompkins!)

is anyone awake right now?? I can't help it, i just got home from an amazing show at the largo and i'm wide awake! i wanna hang out..... boo -
Jill Sobule was the opener for jon brion tonight. i love this woman! she can sing a song with the word fuck or cunt in it and it doesn't sound bad or angry, it sounds lovely!
she had a cd for sale, i'll have to pick it up next time for sure. there was something in the air tonight that seemed almost magical. that sounds corny, i know. but seriously everyone seems in a great mood. during jons second song......ready for this story?..... cleavage woman got on stage while jon was on the drums and she started dancing. the look on jons face was priceless. this woman was drunk already before the show even started. jon was in the middle of his looping thing that he does with this song and while the drums were in the loop he waltzed over to the piano almost running into cleavage woman, she walked over to him and gave him a hug from behind and proceeded to dance. flanny finally came up and showed her off the stage. this has never happened at a jon brion show before, or not one that i've ever been to anyway. He did a lot of songs but i'm just not good with names at the moment. he got into a david bowie kick toward the end of the set and proceeded to sing along with the crowd, 3 or 4 bowie songs. it was wonderful!
hey Lon, Rick, Lindsay, Scott or Jake if you feel like writing about the show on my comment thingy, please feel free either with song titles or whatever you want. thanks!
ok, i gotta get some sleep now. take care - S
ps - saturday - the modey lemon at spaceland monday - xmas comedy show at largo or kennedy at silverlake lounge tuesday - hard place at bigfoot lodge or polar goldie cats at q-topia wednesday - so much going on! thursday - pernice brothers at casbah.

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