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music: the bigger lovers

still watching movies and have not been going to shows as much. I HAVE been watching the simple life though! omg!! this show is funny. Paris has some serious money and her looks are a bit plastic but she is pretty, i guess, perhaps a bit on the skinny side (ya' think!) but damn, that girl needs to read some books or something. I'm sure most of the show is for SHOW. i hope. ps in the photo.... my sister and i had the same saying "got blow". one time when i was visiting my sister on the cape, we were at this dive bar and this scary lady came up and asked if we had any blow. the joke for the rest of the trip was "hey, you got any blow". i guess you had to be there.
as i was working out on wednesday night i got to catch the 4th quarter of the laker game while running on the tredmill. the 4th quarter is always exciting, that was a close game 90-86. i'm not an avid fan but i do enjoy a game from time to time.
on wednesday afternoon i went to the long beach aquarium with my mom. it was actually pretty cool. it's a very relaxing place to be during the day. my favorite thing to do is to watch the turtles in the water. i love turtles!
they have some very strange but interesting looking sea creatures there. they even have birds now.... i walk in and all these amazing birds just flocked to me, i was like bird lady or something. actually they did this to everyone so i'm really not THAT special. they landed on my jacket, my arms but the first one tried to climb up my pants and my moms comment was that my pants were too tight and that the bird didn't have much to grab onto once it got to my knee. moms can be such MOMS.
if you get a chance to come to Long Beach sometime, GO! they have built it up quite a bit, even since i lived there less than a year ago! Do you remember where the Pike used to be? well, they have built a whole new area which includes movie theatres, california pizza kitchen and other places to eat, the plunge (just like the one in the early 1900's) not everything is open yet, some things are and it's just nice to walk around there.
i missed a few more shows this week: sara at the hotel cafe and the vacation at the silverlake lounge with the pleasure club. i liked the pleasure club when they played at the el rey. i'm sorry i missed that show, i'm sure it was a blast.
it is friday and all and i need to go out, oh what do you know... jon brion is playing at the largo ah but brian jonestown massacre is also playing at spaceland. i'm indecisive at the moment. i gotta go update the gig guide. ciao

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