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5:36 PM

wouldn't ya know it.... i've been totally looking forward to seeing the Pernice Brothers tonight and on Thursday and I'm getting the Flu!! i hope it's just a 24 hour cold, my throat hurts and my body is achy. i started thinking about all the people that are dying from this flu thing that is going around. i started cleaning out my closet, getting rid of all my concert shirts that i never wear that are just way to big on me, it's like when am i ever going to wear a kiss army XL t-shirt? then in the process i also started cleaning the rest of my room. i wanted to listen to some old 7 " records i had in a box but i couldn't figure out how to make the sound come out for the record player! i tried everything, believe me! i used to be so good at stuff like this, i don't know what happened. i'll get my friend to come over this weekend and figure it out for me. it's so annoying when you want to do something and just can't.
i just got sick of all my cds for some reason, you wouldn't think i would having 2000 of 'em huh?! i needed to listen to something while i was cleaning so I picked these five to listen to. The wedding Present- hit parade 1 / Wilco- summer teeth / Radiohead - the bends / Aimee Mann - I'm with stupid and Slint - spiderland.
i sure hope i feel better tomorrow! I'll start sucking on those cold eeze and drinking orange juice now. I'm going to see the Pernice Brothers sick or not!!
there is so much going on tonight to!! oh well. you have fun for me!!

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