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music: modey lemon

saturday i just layed in bed until it was time to get ready to go out. entertained myself by watching channel 13 again. man, this station shows the most depressing movies on saturday afternoon. i watched "little women" i love this story, i really do. it's too bad that people don't live like that anymore. then a christmas carol came on, i just couldn't sit through that one so i left early. my friend in chicago told me to go see the modey lemon and he was right! these guys were very different from anything i've heard before. the drummer did remind me of my all time favorite drummer for JSBX, russell simins. fantastic!
it was 3 guys. the singer phil played guitar and keyboards the other guy played keyboards and guitar. no bass! i got there before the first band "the few" was playing. they reminded me of a high school band heavily influenced by the cars, that you would have heard on the radio a few years back. i tell ya' they had all their family and friends there for them cuz the place cleared out pretty quick after they were done. the action slacks were next. i was falling asleep. i found it odd that people were turned on by this crap! if you like dave mathews then you would probably like the action slacks. by the name i was hoping for something a little more jon spencer blues explosion but naw, of course not. i ran into an old co-photographer/reviewer from Flipside, bob. he knew the ML so i met the singer of the modey lemon, his publicist said hey come meet phil... he just got dumped by his girlfriend. at first i was like no that's ok but bob said c'mon. Phil was one of the nicest guys i'd ever met. the drummer too. anyway - thanks bern for turning me onto them!! they were super heavy for having keyboards in the band. i love listening to guitar heavy bands especially when the drummer rocks as hard as russell simins!!
during the action slacks i was sitting at a table alone and this guy comes up and asks if he could sit down, i smiled and said sure. he reminded me of my glam rocker years. he asked if i was alone, i laughed and said yeah. he seemed shocked and said oh, your a g/f of one of the band members right? i should have lied but i can't lie. i said no, no i'm not. he just kept going on asking why i came alone.
hey, tell me what in the hell is wrong with going out alone?? i've been doing this for over 3 years now!! oh i see......3 years is a long time for being alone huh?
anyway....i just told him that none of my friends are into the same type of music as i am, so i just go alone. which is true. i asked why he was here. he's in a band from sweden called dollhouse and they are recording an album and tomorrow is their day off so they were going to get pissed drunk. i wasn't drinking so i really couldn't get into the conversation..... the modey lemon started so i got up, smiled and went toward the front of the stage to watch. excellent! THE MODEY LEMON

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