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10:42 AM

before you hook me up with a tube in my veins full of guinness..... don't! i really dig the taste, i want to taste what i drink. i go on and off the whole "i don't drink anymore" kick. 3 is my limit and i also drink lots of water.

it was another perfect night at the largo last night. jon kept it at a rockin' level, not too heavy and not sleepy. it was just perfect. he did a lot of his own songs including: roll with you, walking thru walls, here we go, citgo sign, further along, happy with you, girl i knew, same mistakes, why do you do this to yourself, love of my life so far. then the requests started rolling in. he sang a great version of purple rain! also waterloo sunset. amazing song as always! I almost forgot that mary lou lord also played/opened for Jon. I kinda liked her songs. one song she did she referenced a lot of obscure bands based out of Seattle that I found quite amusing. I'll have to check out her music.
feel free to comment on what i've forgotten..... 3 guinness and all, my memory isn't so hot anyway.
It was a great night - people seemed to be in a happy mood plus the christmas cookies were a flowin'. it's so sweet that ellen (bartender) made us a little cookie plate from the little assortment of cookies that people had brought in.
i hope you have a wonderful weekend! stay clear of the malls!!

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