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11:45 AM

music: AC/DC, Ratt, Def Leppard - it's called classic rock stations because again, my cd player in my car stopped working - a cd is stuck in there! actually i'm enjoying the rock.

on thursday i felt a lot better. i drove to san diego to see the Pernice Brothers. i met my friend for dinner before the show. three of my other friends also showed up from L.A. it was a pretty cool turn out. they did a Pretenders cover...."talk of the town" which was fantastic. joe pernice did a few solo songs, which is always amazing. i can go on forever about how much i love the pernice brothers. i got to hang out for a bit after the show and i talked to them, they are such nice down to earth guys. of course i have to bring up the largo and some of them have been there before and know who jon brion is. i'd love to get them to play at the largo next time around. we'll see! i was taking photos and only one other photographer was snapping away he waved his friends to come up front with him and one girl stood right, i mean right in front of me. people you have to have seen this place.....everyone was standing about 10 feet from the stage as if their was a invisible barrier...i liked that because i could take photos from all angles and not feel like i was in peoples way. getting back to the girl who stood right in front of me.... usually i wouldn't mind but c'mon...all the room and she had to do it. i looked at my friends and they couldn't believe it either! what do i do? well, i go and take some photos on the other side but come back and stand right in font of her. yeah for me!! and i kept doing that all night only because she had other places to go from the start and choose to annoy me. Blake Hazard played right before the PB, she was solo. just her and her guitar. she had a lovely voice. i have a lot of respect for people that can just get on stage alone and sing like that.
i get home around 4am from San Diego.
yesterday 'Friday', my friend roger had asked if i wanted to go to the taping of the craig kilborn show. at first if was not into it then i found out that adam brody was gonna be one of the guests so i said sure, lets go. the last time i went to one of these things i said i would never do it again. just a little to much clapping for me also standing and sitting everytime someone came and left the stage. it aired last night and was taped at 5pm. Scarlett Johansson was charming as was adam brody. they both are "pretty". we had to sit through this awful kroq type band called story of the year. when i say awful sometimes i just mean awful for me, not my kind of thing, and i'm sure it's not your kind of thing unless you are a 16 year old girl who likes kroq bands. after the show i was gonna head to the largo to see jon, it was his birthday on thursday. he just turned 40. so i figured it was gonna be some kind of birthday show. roger and i had time to grab a bite to eat before he left so we headed towards that awful pizza place 'damianos' by the largo. i should have just stuck to the greasy pizza because the cheese ravioli was worse than something you would get out of a can! i had two beers to kill the taste in my mouth.
i walk to the largo and there is this huge line. i'm so glad my friend lon was at the very front of the line (thanks buddy). jon covered "Starry Eyes" by The Records, which Jon said was one of the best songs written about the record industry, he decides to follow it up with another industry slam... Aimee Mann's "It's Not Safe."
other highlights......he did "Helter Skelter" and " I will survive" but first he asked the audience to yell out some rockin' songs that haven't been played at the largo before, although helter skelter has been played many times before he decided to play I Will Survive in the STYLE of Helter Skelter, which turned out to be pretty cool. jon then asked the audience to request the worst possible songs they could think of. so much shouting going on! 'baby got back' (which he said he would learn just so he can change the chords around and do a crazy version of), rico suave, a Paul McCartney song... he ended up doing "dancing queen" by Abba. it's not a bad song at all, i think he just wanted to do it when someone yelled it out. Benmont Tench was in the audience so he came up and they did "sexy sadie" and some other songs. i was actually falling alseep at this point, sometimes I just need to Rock. i enjoyed the show though. Paul F. Tompkins came up towards the end of the second set to hand jon a body fat gauge for his present and led the audience in an awful happy birthday song still in the melody of sexy sadie. thank you and g'nite!

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