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music: no music, just the sweet pounding in my head!
needless to say i didn't end up going out last night to see udora at the viper room as i had really wanted to. i was hungover all day Sunday and just stayed home watching upn ch. 13, mainly because i was to tired to change the station...i watched some good movies though 1) Unstrung Heros - what a tear jerker! 2) White Squall - another tear jerker but a true story! so needless to say, i was in bed crying all day! ...feeling like shit and sad. sounds like fun?

I got this e-mail from a friends band called the john wilkes kissing booth and i was wondering if you can help.... maybe you know of a venue where these blokes can play or something. thanks in advance!!
read below:
US tour dates are comin together, but there's a couple of holes in the itinerary and we need your help!
If you know of a place where the booth can play on the dates below, email with a venue contact.
oct 20, 21: indiana or ohio
oct 25, 26: massachusetts or rhode island or connecticut
confirmed dates will be announced soon. meanwhile, c'mon out and see us here...
Sept 18: The Prospector, Long Beach CA/ + Morris Lane
Sept. 20: The Hub, Fullerton CA/ + The Energy and The Valley Arena. Free show!
Sept. 26: The Arkaik, Reno NV/ + All Day Drive
have a good week.
thursday is jon brion doing his own songs at the largo.
friday is minibar at o'brians in santa monica $5 bucks.

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