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2:13 PM

music: wire-pink flag
man this cd rocks!! i can't believe i never owned it before - shame on me!!
last night after the crowded rufus show at borders of all places, i headed to ameoba to meet up with some friends for dinner. of course i had to drop $90 bucks off at ameoba first. i got some good cds in exchange though. then we all went to dinner at spag's and my friend mark and i went to go see lost in translation at the arc (2nd time for me).
on the way to drop mark off....i almost got in this crazy accident! I was in the slow lane because i was gonna get off the 101 near broadway and this stupid fucking ass clown woman driver just stopped from the left lane on the side of me and swirved right in front of me and stopped as to not miss her exit. i didn't understand why she did this , this way. but it was just plan nuts! i came....not even an inch away from hitting her left bumper with my right front bumper. mark was flipping her off and i was just pissed because i had to slam on my breaks to avoid it. everything is cool though. it's like, if you miss your exit there will be another one and you can just turn around - it's much safer that way to take out maybe 5 minutes out of your life then the whole rest of your life!!
stay tuned for you next lesson in life. ha ha.
have a good week. let me know if any good shows are coming up ;) that i've missed on my other page.

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