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music: Radiohead...hail to the thief
Thursdays Radiohead show was fantastic! $60 bucks to get a nose bleed was fine with me...they looked like little ants dancing 'round on stage but the sound was more than what I could have ever hoped for. The big screens on both sides of the stage helped a little, it was really cool how the camera person had slow-mo on and only had the shot of part of each guy at different time. I personally loved watching the drums, Thom danced around alot as to be expected. Man, I wished I'd have tried harder to get tickets when they played the Wiltern!! a few albums ago.
of course we had to be sitting behind the " hey lets get our old frat bros together and go to the radiohead concert, drink alot, smoke some weed, sing at the top of our lungs right after thom sings the verse just so we get it right, and re-live our past concert experiences from the 80's" type of guys. It was 5 guys and when the other 4 left to go get beer one guy was left alone. and this was the loudest one of the bunch. sure enough he couldn't handle being alone with no one to talk to so he calls someone on his cell!! These guys were the worst to sit behind. But they made for good conversation on the ride home. Star Sightings: Ian Somerhalden (life as a house, rules of attraction) and Paul Rudd (phoebe's b/f, mike on friends and movie: 200 cigarettes) ok, no biggie.
It was crazy trying to get out but fun to people watch; esp. in L.A.!
We took our time getting there, we stopped by to see shags exhibit which was real pricey but amazing and had a picnic in the park across the street from the Hollywood's amazing how you are allowed to drink at this park, so we had wine and sandwiches. pretty cool evening to say the least. after going to see jon brion last night and talking to a few of my friends who have seen lost in translation....i'm finally going to go see it today! have a great w/e - Suze
ok...later today: I've seen it!! here is my review without giving anything away at all.
this movie hit me like a ton of bricks...i was feeling vaclempt from the first scene where they saw each other in the elevator but mostly the part where they were at the party and when he was singing that song.."......more than this". then she sang " ... brass in pocket" in a very sexy way-i might add! anyway thats when the tears started coming out of the corners of my eyes, just drops of 'em one by one slowly and couldn't stop for the remainder of the movie.
what a fine cast of characters. Sophia is a genius!! and Kevin Shields....ahh, when i heard the first song and the slight guitar distortion ... it's like I couldn't catch my breath. This movie made me happy! What a fine film!
and the critics who put this down.....just don't understand, thats all.

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