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11:16 PM

music: the vacation - white noise! i can't get this song out of my head...thats ok though, at least it's a good song and isn't something annoying. / The Detroit Cobras-life, love and leaving! this band is amazing, total ass shaking music!! / Rufus Wainwright / Minibar - fly below the radar.

i just got home awhile ago from seeing the vacation at the silverlake lounge, it was a damn short set but great none the less. I'm not very good a describing music.. so just go check out their sounds at The Vacation. They are definitely a visual type band. i noticed this guy hanging out after the vacation played who looked exactly like Mick Jagger (no, not Ben the singer!) i honestly had to take a double look at this guy though...
i didn't stay for any other bands because i'm getting sick yet again...damn colds!! i'm taking cold eeze and drinking plenty of OJ, i've got to work on the getting enough sleep now!! kwooool.......just in time for the big Radiohead show on Thursday that i'm going to!
oh.. i just remembered my buddy Patrick who is drumming for the Pernice Brothers told me that they are gonna be back in December 1st playing at the el rey with Stephen Malkmus! ! yay. And my buddy Judah "Jon Spencer Blues Explosion" is going to be playing at the Derby November 4th with his band 20 Miles!! also playing with him is none other than THE VACATION! stuff to look forward to.
nite! S

UDORA was great at the troubadour on monday... it was another early show, which i'm into these days. it was all ages and i'm more than sure that i was the oldest one there. these boys in the audience had spiked colored hair and some of the girls were sorta goth looking. I got there kinda early and the first band that was on had a great drummer but the singer was sorta funny in the way that he was trying to sound like napalm death at some points with the way he was growling in the mic. no one can touch napalm death okay!! ND have songs that last less than 5 seconds and they are great.
i was sitting upstairs laughing and looked over and noticed this other guy laughing as well. that was cool that someone else understood. ;)
Udora where next and they got all their stuff on stage very quickly. i just can't get over how much i like this singers voice! they are all from brazil and sing in english. they jump around and have alot of energy. the drummer hits hard!! they are very tight. the bass player broke a string, no big deal though. he said lets play one without the bass...they did and it sounded great. leo played guitar and jumped around alot without any shoes on, i guess this gave him more traction for his jumps. really nice guys i might add. their web-site is, check 'em out!

ps - the scene creamers and beehive and the barracudas are playing this sunday at spaceland!!

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