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music: the kills
i went to spaceland to see mudhoney and blue bird last saturday. I took jason and his friend matt as well as my friend scott and i met all my old grunge girlfriends at the show. what a blast from the past that night was! I had soo much fun. all my friends were pretty much drunk before anyone even started to play, it was pretty funny, but paula the really skinny one got really sick by the end of the's like c'mon you weigh about 90 lbs what do you's called moderation my dear!! :) Sarah and Fay were sluring in my ear most of the night. I think the guys were alright though. and i just stuck to my spot on the side of the stage video taping with a huge smile on my face the whole time. I didn't end up going on sunday even though i was on the list and all...... i was just too tired from the night before. i watched the 24 hour party people instead. what a great movie!! now i wanna go buy some more cds!!
last night i went to spaceland to see the vacation with some other girlfriends; cari, michelle and sara. we went out to eat at my favorite place by cari's house again... the coffee table. yum! then i got a call from my friend leo (udora) and i took off to go pick him and fernanda up to go to the show with us. It was their first spaceland experience and they enjoyed it. the vacation rocked, i'm thinking the place was nearly sold out as there was so many people there! The opener was these girls who looked like they were straight out of that 70's move called "Foxes" staring scott baio!! they sounded really retro, siousxie era. The crowd was fun to watch and get a laugh out of. one guy had bleached blonde feathered hair ... total 70's rocker style.

I'm trying to hook the two bands up to play together .... UDORA and The Vacation. It may happen, but later. UDORA has a couple of shows coming at the Viper room on Sunday September 14th and one on Monday September 22 for FREE at the Troubadour. The Vacation are playing on Thursday September 11th at the Silverlake Lounge at 10 pm.
Paxton the drummer of The Vacation had me video tape their show last night with his video camera, that was fun. He later found out he had the tape in there from when they were in Europe and we taped over most of it. he was way bummed! he better give me a copy, thats all i have to say!
we didn't stay for the rest of the bands, so i took leo and fernanda home while cari, michelle and sarah stayed. I like early nights, esp. when i have to work in the morning.
looking fwd to BRMC this weekend in san diego and at the henry fonda. ~S
i've rented a few other movies of interest lately: sonny \ which was dark and sad but very good. waking life \ this was a cartoon sorta weird movie about your life and dreams, kinda makes you think about what you are doing with your life. i liked it, you have to be in the mood to think or at least smoke a joint before you start watching it. (which i don't do ;)

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