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9:13 AM

music: Low-Trust and BJTM and Todd Rundgren-something/anything!

feeling good this morning though it feels like a monday to me! I went to the largo last night and saw jon brions songbook set, he is doing only his songs.....i didn't realize that he had so many. he does songs that he co-wrote with folks like grant lee as well. the two highlights of the evening ... first off flanny shouted out in a granny here we go. everyone laughed at that and jon did it. one highlight was I believe she's lying...he did layers upon layers of guitar then piano and onto the drums where he completely went off! it was amazing. I couldn't stop smiling. then he did strings that tie to you on piano in a peanuts sorta fact i thought it was the peanuts theme when he first hit the keys, that was pretty amazing. It was a shorter set than a regular friday night show but well worth it.
When i got home last night i was so wide awake, it was a shame to just go to sleep with all the ideas in my head. I wish i didn't have to sleep. It's weird but i feel like i'm just going through the motions all day long but at night i'm completely awake... well, most of the time anyway.

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