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11:58 AM

music: breakfast with the Beatles!
have you ever woke up still drunk from the night before?
have you ever had an up close and personal look at the bathroom floors at Spaceland?
have you ever missed the main band?
have you ever taken photos when you are drunk?
i wish i could answer NO to all of these questions!! well, that last one is a necessity sometimes!
LAST NIGHT the walkmen played at spaceland with Kaito and The Vacation. I don't remember much after Kaito. I hope i took some photos of the walkmen at least. I took a whole roll of the vacation and i wasn't drunk yet, so i know those will come out good.
i think the problem was that i hadn't eaten anything all day and on the way to spaceland i stopped by in 'n out and got a grilled cheese which isn't very filling for what i was about to drink that night. 1 beer and 4 mudslides. and to think i complained to the woman at the front bar that the 2nd mudslide wasn't as big as when the guy made it.... damn. she showed me!! she was nice about it though.
I never want to drink again! hey let's count how many times i've said these exact words this year?! a big thank you to my friends Cari, Scott, Michelle and Sarah for hanging with me and taking care of my stupid ass. I would have been ok If I'd eaten something!
I'm so glad i saw the walkmen the night before! I think they are more of audio band instead of a visual band. i mean they were good on friday, but just not that interesting to watch. not that you have to jump around and scream all the time either.
i'm just saying....
i met a few of them last year outside the Largo club while waiting in line to see Jon Brion ....and let me tell you! talking about arrogant assholes. .... although they do seem nice now. maybe it was just one night of being an asshole, everyone does this once in awhile. right! anyway.... one of 'em, can't remember which one... was asking me about jon brion because they had never seen him before so i was telling them about his shows and he just started talking about his band the walkmen. i'd never heard of them and he said that i will !! he was telling me about NY bands and he started dissin' Jon Spencer Blues Explosion by this time i was so over talking to them! They ended up leaving, they got tired of waiting in line and just took off. Well, the very next week.... . they got a rather large write up in the LA Weekly!
you know this could have happened 2 years ago, i don't remember for sure.
ok, getting back to last night. I can tell you that The Vacation sounded really good. a very tight band. Paxton the drummer, just bought this monstrous 1930's kit that is really loud! I told him before that he needs to wear ear plugs.... all musicians need to wear 'em! I think the vacation is a fun sexy band with catchy songs that you can shake your ass to. I especially love the screaming on this one song they's just at the start of the song but it gets to me everytime (huge smile)!! I'm sure some big band will pick them up and take them on tour with them! That would be cool for 'em. Kaito were great as well! they have that girrrrl rock thing going on, lots of noisy guitars and screaming. gotta love that!! no comment on the walkmen.... but i can tell you that the bathroom floor in spaceland is lovely!
i never want to drink again, did i already mention this?!

tonight..... go to the viper room! udora are playing. just go check 'em out. esp. if you live in the area. I'm gonna get some food in me and head down there 'round 8 or so. I do believe they go on at 9:30.

Hey... did you know that the pixies are reforming?! yes. here is the article.
i wanna go see that movie .. lost in translation! kevin shields of my bloody valentine does the music!! AND Giovanni Ribisi is in it!
ok, must go die now!! aaargh. ~S

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