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3:34 PM

Music: Willowz

I got my pink Willowz shirt last night and that made me very happy! I bought the shirt in the dark so I was assuming that I was buying a white shirt, they also had red but not in my size (child XL). I saw a few grey ones as well. To my surprise as I walked into a lit area to take a better look at it, it was pink! Yay!
I also bought their CD which totally rocks! I was listening to it on the way to work this morning and I thought that they sorta had the 7year Bitch sound but faster and Jessica sometimes sounds like holly golightly.
Seeing them live is a bit different. They just rip the joint up. You get more of a visual of what they are about. I’ve seen them only 3 times so far and last night was probably the best. I didn’t know this but it was Iggy Pop’s Birthday yesterday. Richard mentioned that’s why they did the Iggy Riff during their set. This time Richie didn’t throw the drums at the audience. It’s a good thing too, cuz there was a lot of people watching them and for sure they would have gotten hurt. Richie and Jessica did throw their guitars at Alex’s drums and Jessica told me that her bass neck snapped. Yikes!
These guys better have some money the way they treat their instruments, that’s for sure!
Being as young as they are they weren’t even able to hang out in spaceland except to play. they had to leave right after they were done. That sucks for them! A few of them are at least 21 now and were able to hang but they made the other two actually wait outside before they went on.
I guess I can understand from Spaceland’s point of view, having a liquor license and not wanting to loose it.
I left right after they were done as well, i should have stayed to see texas teri play with cheetah chrome! i didn't find out that was going to happen until the next day! The Willowz were enough rock for me for a worknight.

Last night I got home and my cat was laying on my bed, I hate cat fur! I gave him a wintergreen Altoid because there was only pieces of ‘em left in the tin. I had my camera ready for a “face” but he actually likes ‘em! I thought he would make one of those "thats so wrong, get this out of my mouth" faces.

Tonight I’m going to meet a friend at the South Coast Plaza to catch a movie called Young Adam , should be a good one. All Night Radio is at Spaceland on Friday.
Did anyone see Scrubs the other night, I thought Polyphonic Spree were amazing in that episode!! Very cool gig for ‘em.

The Fall at the Echo is already sold out! The Willowz are going to be opening for them. I must find a way in (guys?)

have a wonderful weekend!
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