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2:09 PM

music: George Harrison ( a concert for george...)

I have a feeling that i'm going to skip the troubadour tonight and go see Jon for some reason. i know that's not a surprise anymore.
I got a call for a job in Long Beach, I'll know by next week. I am enjoying my time off, what? it's been 5 days! I went to Disneyland yesterday with Cari and her two friends from the band THE LOVES- Liz and James, from Wales. We had fun! although i could tell disneyland didn't have enough "excitement" for them so i took them over to my favorite park - california adventure where there were plenty of "drops" and "dips" and fast coasters. We were lucky enough to go there on Thursday because they had a sneak preview of The Tower of Terror! it doesn't open until may 5th. OMG that is the best ride EVER. You can not even take a breath, it's non stop falling! and not just one long one, it's a few long ones then up again then down..... it was amazing!
my one major complaint about D-Land is the prices....... a slice of pizza was 5 bucks! and the drinks were 3 bucks. the ice cream was 3 bucks! man, i feel sorry for the families who go there and not know what to expect. you gotta save your money and treat it like a vacation if you wanna have fun. or just pack some food. Downtown Disney is just as pricey. The circle Jerks were playing that night.... it was funny to see Keith walk through Downtown Disney..... i don't know why. I saw a lot of little punk rockers...... or at least the "i buy my clothes at hot topic" type of punk rockers. ha!
We didn't stay until it closed because they had tickets for the El Rey to see The Tyde, Brian Jonestown Massacre. I didn't go, i was to tired though I did want to see BJM.
Did anyone go see TV on the Radio last night or tonight at the echo?? man, i totally wanted to go last night but it was sold out. i would have "woken up" for them!! if you went.... i want to hear all about it!
I know of a few things going on tonight as well as this weekend, if your not going to Coachella. Tonight The Pixies are playing at the Glasshouse in Pomona but of course it's sold out. it's a secret show that wasn't so secret. I kinda want to go see Black Rebel Motorcycle club at Canes in San Diego but .....I had Cari buy us tickets for the Vue show at the echo on monday and BRMC is the special guest. it's sold out. It's going to be like Vegas all over again with us seeing BRMC together!! (michelle, sarah, me and cari).
i don't know if i need to go all the way to San Diego.....

did anyone watch the OC..... I honestly never watch it... hardly but for some reason I was home that night and it was on, nothing else was on and i just started watching it. it's not a very good show....... the OC isn't even close to being like that, sure there are plenty of "fake" people but they are everywhere! anyway ... what i was getting at is that they played a lot of good music during the show, it's what i notice more than anything on any show. They played The Willowz during the cat fight scene in the pool "meet your demise" that was cool to not expect that. also featured franz ferdinand and electralane.
and another thing...... did anyone watch that show one tree hill? well i do and i kinda like it for some reason. it was so lame that this last episode they actually talked about 80's rock bands as if it was a huge deal. "ratt and tesla" i mean c'mon! it really made me feel old that someone actually made a big deal about finding an original tesla record, signed no less! um...... if that kinda stuff is actually worth something well then i'm rich! i've got actual concert shirts and records just collecting dust in my garage. i did break out my fleetwood mack, 1979-80 tusk concert t-shirt last week and wore it to the largo only because Flanny and Jon has had this thing about tusk lately. i can't believe that thing still fits me. I've got Iron Maiden, summer strut, rod stewart, soundgarden and lots of grunge shirts. and remember those concert books? i've got a lot of those to! i save everything.....

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