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12:18 AM

i have to tell you to check out this fucking spider! I can't believe this. go to this blog called Pantyraid and scroll down midway..... omg! I don't know what i would do if i saw one of these things up close. i freak out when i see a normal size spider!

music: to tell you the truth i can't stop listening to the Willowz.

I saw the movie "young adam" it was pretty good. very sexy, done tastefully. lets just say ewan is "hung". ha ha
Tilda does a wonderful job, she is an odd woman though. i met her once while i was living in Beaverton, Oregon (20 mins from Portland), i was actually doing a photo shoot of her for that Virginia Woolf movie she did called "orlando". i honestly didn't know who she was back then (1993). i was doing it for a local magazine, my first and only assignment - i did it for free, they developed the film for me and stuck a photo in their magazine (the stranger? or.... i don't remember) anyway .... she is odd, thats for sure. i didn't know what i was doing. i'm used to shooting bands who move around the stage not someone who is being interviewed in a hotel! it was alright. i did alright for a non-paid assignment.

I know i said i was going to see All Night Radio on Friday but for some reason Largo was calling for me! David Garza and Robyn Hitchcock where both there and did some songs with Jon Brion. David got soo drunk, he was hilarious! he did the whole .... stumble on stage "rock star drum sticks pose" while robyn and jon played guitar/piano and sang.
they all did a couple of beatles tunes and george harrisons "isn't it a pitty". fucking amazing as usual.
it's great to watch the new peoples reaction as soon as Jon starts his whole "looping" thing. i'm still amazed at him sometimes after all these years of watching him.
i know for awhile there i was like "man, i gotta take a break" and i did for a couple of weeks...... i think i'm ok now. :)
i really wish that i hadn't bought my ticket for "the like" and "everybody else" for the troubadour this coming friday. Because there is so much more going on. and the like are playing for free every monday in May and everybody else is doing a few other shows with some other bands i want to see soon. i guess i could just not go, it was only $8 bucks.
On Saturday night my friend got a table for 4 at the largo for Robyn Hitchcock. That was a pretty good show. i may be mixing some of the stuff up from Friday.... it all blends together to me as soon as i walk out of the club!!
i did drop $20 bucks before entering the club, i know it. good thing i had another $20 in my pocket. i wasn't too worried, ya see.... i found $20 bucks walking outside the largo a few months ago. so no big deal. though it would be nice if i still had a job..... yep! told ya i wouldn't last there. the lady was nutz!! my temp agency called me on saturday afternoon and said that they hired someone from within the company so i won't be needing to come in on monday. i was so relieved! i'm extremely happy right now. i was just thinking that i needed a vacation. it's just to bad that you can't really take a vacation when your not bringing any money in. and when your working you can't really take a vacation unless you have "vacation days". I say fuck all the corporate BS and their office politics. most of the people that i have ever worked with are all bored with their jobs, hate their life and are just settling for .... a reason really, mostly because they are married with kids.... you know that sort of thing. oh well. you have to do what you have to do.
i'm glad i don't have to do it though!!
hmmm..... do i say this because i don't have a job now? am i just bitter? hell no!
sometimes i wish i had gone to trade school then i see some folks that are working for $10 bucks an hour in some retail dead end job with a degree. so it's like what is the point?
i want to hear that song "bitter sweet symphony" right now!! i love that video, is that the verve guy? yeah i think it is.
i went to BBC today, had a few beers with susan and talked about boys, it was fun. then this biker guy kept mouthing to me "your gorgeous" he smelled like a pack of camels (thats what he was smoking) yuck! susan and i talked to him just to be nice. if it wasn't for his breath and the fact that he had 4 kids, i would have given him my number. i'm totally kidding of course!
i have a lot of time on my hands now. i want to just hop on a plane to anywhere, have some lunch and walk around. this is something i would do every week if i had the money. just any random place in the U.S.
alright, time for bed or perhaps a netflix movie....

shows this week.... the only thing i have on my calendar that i really want to check out is "tv on the radio" at the echo on thursday. oh..... then the next monday is BRMC in San Diego - i must get my ticket soon.
oh.... has anyone heard the new Wilco yet? wow! can they get any better? i don't think so! while at the largo on saturday night i hear this amazing noise, like all this fuzzy, reverb then jeff tweedy's voice! i was like what the hell is this? i had no idea that they had a new CD coming out. (i don't read as much about music as I want to) anyway... they were playing an advance copy of it. it's for sure on the top of my list of cds' to buy.
so if anyone wants a lunch date or perhaps a movie during the week, i'm your girl! or just to talk and tell me what i should do with my life, that would also be cool! ha ha. or if you want to just give me some money so i can get my photo book started that would also be cool!
<3 always and forever - suze

ps - here is an article about michel gondry and he mentions jon brion......

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