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Has anyone ever seen Grant Lee Phillips? The guy is one of the best singer songwriters that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. He was at the Largo on Wednesday. Tom Brosseau opened up (the guy who reminds me of mr. Leonard Cohen).
Grant did a Gram Parsons song (what was it again?) anyway, his new stuff is really really good. I don't understand why amazing musicians such as himself aren't any more popular than they are.
Thursday I went to see The Willowz at El Cid then went to see The Vacation at the El Rey. I got hit with a set of drums by the Willowz, nah just kidding but surely they came close. Instead he "Richard" threw valentines hard candy at everyone... some people seemed upset but I thought it was funny even though I got nailed in the forehead with a heart. I was video taping as well as taking photos, I think I got some pretty good "up close" shots as the drums came towards me! They seemed to have some trouble with the guitar..... before he threw that off the stage as well. He was taking a long time to tune so i don't know if it was them or just the sound system. Then his strap kept coming off. I'm still looking forward to seeing them at Spaceland next week. They Rock!! A bunch of really nice guys too.
We headed over to the El Rey just in time to catch The Vacation. I can only say that the sound system sounded awful there, it happens there a lot..... like the Sonic Youth show. I just couldn't hang. I took my friend who didn't care for them the very first time we saw them when they were called The Sons (I loved them then too) anyway I think his exact words this time around where along the lines of "man, these guys really rock" or something like that. His mind has been changed, as yours will if you ever do get to see The Vacation!! They got a new drummer. I can't really comment on how they sounded because I couldn't get past the fucking sound system at the El Rey. They looked good and they got the whole "rock star" thing down :)
My friday night consisted of a trip to Koo's in Long Beach. I should have stayed home. Please don't tell me about what I missed at the Largo!! ok, go ahead.... let me have it. If you tell me that Beck did a surprise appearance at the Largo on Friday I'm gonna be so upset, you don't even know. I missed him there twice before. Ok, getting back to Koo's Cafe. First of all it was an all ages show. Second, the sound system sucked! sorry Joe. I'm sure it wasn't your fault. He was doing the sound and he also does sound at a little bar in Long Beach The Que Sera.....come to think of it, the sound really sucks there to! but i'm sure it's just the building - ha ha. Oh yeah. The John Wilkes Kissing Booth was playing their last show with Greater California. I was falling alseep. although I kinda like Greater California, I was just very tired and bored the whole night. enough said about Friday night.
Today I saw Kill Bill 2. Awesome movie!! I don't see how anyone could not like this movie at all. I loved the first one to.
I'm gonna watch my netflix movies that have been sitting here for over a month (Last tango in paris, masked & anonymous and lost in mancha) that will be my saturday besides laundry and house cleaning. woo hoo! I wish I was going to see The Darkness tonight at the Fonda though. Tomorrow I'm going to go shopping then go to a Lingerie Bridal Shower for my friend.
Next week i'm looking forward to seeing The Willowz with Cheetah Chrome then All Night Radio both shows at spaceland and next Saturday Robyn Hitchcock is at Largo.
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