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Music: Elvis Costello – Best of….

Jason Falkner is no Jon Brion that’s for sure! I was talking to a friend of mine after the show and he mentioned that he thought that Kennedy was actually a better performer than Jason. “Kennedy”, being the singer of Kennedy. I have to agree.
Kennedy opened the show doing a solo singer/striptease performance. It was incredible!!
he not only stripped down to his shorts, he went a little further and had some kind of speedos on. Only Kennedy could pull off Speedos!! Then Ives (excellent guitar player in Kennedy) came up and did a DJ kinda thing using Olivia Newton John’s “lets get physical” wow! Is the only thing I can say. Ives is so adorable. His dancing leaves you smiling from ear to ear.
While waiting for Jason to hit the stage….. my friends and I were people watching and let me tell you some of the most beautiful women were there last night probably due to the fact that Jasons girlfriend is a model of some sort. His ex g/f, Heather Grahm, Ben Lee, Rebecca Roman Stamos, The funny gay guy in Sex in the City (I love him!).
Jason used his ipod most of the time for the back up band. The ipod contained a lot of his old material so he just played guitar and sang over it, which was pretty cool.

Please check out the website over there (look to the right) for Jackie Farry…. She has cancer and needs financial help. There is gonna be some kind of raffle on April 15th to win all sorts of really cool stuff, so check it!!
- Suze

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