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music: QOTSA

i had a wonderful w/e. i ended up going to the silent film thingy in L.B with my friend Jason. They showed two films that dated from 1913-1918 with buster keaton and fatty arbuckle . The pianist, rick friend was amazing which made for a more dramatic storytelling ambiance (ok, yeah so that was written on the flyer - so what!) ha ha. It was a new experience that I want to see more of.. I'd like to check out the silent movie theatre by the largo now. It was a good time!

I was dead tired on sunday but i'd already bought my ticket for sonic youth at the el rey a month ago.
The security was rediculous! ok so they looked through my purse and made me throw away my ink pen that was visable and not the other 4 underneath my wallet, and to think they didn't even notice the 9mm i was packing on my i went to that and surprisingly enough the opening band called dead meadow were great, even though i only caught the last song... they rocked, Neil Hagerty was boring. sorry. i missed the first band who i heard were good, all girls or something. ok, sonic youth were good and i absolutely love guitar noise and screaming, i really do but i was so tired i just couldn't stand up any longer and left about 1/2 way through. but i don't really have that feeling as if i missed something for some reason.
have a good week!

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