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2:42 AM

music: motorhead
I'm sick!, I go to the show anyway!! Cari gives me some cold drugs and i'm feeling much much better.
I drove to Cari's, we ate at this place by her house called the coffee table, great food! then i drove us to see supergrass for the second night in a row. we arrived in plenty of time to walk around and find a spot to stand. I saw people that I recognized from like 10 years ago! pretty cool. Supergrass were wonderful, the sound man was excellent. oh...when we first went up to get our tickets out of will call I noticed we each got a second wristband this time....turns out it was a VIP, after party one as well as a 21 and over one!! cool. but we had plans to leave a bit early to go catch the sons at the garage, which we did! they were great too! I sat on the couch while i watched 'em, I would have stood up but I was standing though all of supergrass and I was starting to feel worse. Why am I still up typing?? ah...Sunday is a day off!! nite. :)
ps...although all night i was extremely happy, i almost punched this big drunk guy in the face! he was such a dork just making everyone miserable around him. and to think he kept going back for more beer as soon as he finished the last one! He kept trying to dance with his hands in the air with these ladies standing in front of us, they were annoyed. I know you should not start a fight with a drunk person, i could have got my ass kicked. I did push him but he seemed to like it! when he and his buddy came back from getting yet another drink the guy stood right in front of me and started dancing into me, there was no place for me to move so i moved in front of him, he touched me on my arm and i turned around, pushed the guy and said in my mean voice "you touch me again and i'll kick your fuckin ass!!" he smiled. This was actually not ruining my night, hmmm.... the wonders of cold medicine. so anyway i moved back behind him by cari and maria and they thought i was getting mad but i showed them i surely was not. finally some drunk woman stood in front of us and all the drunk people were happy together, holding each other and acting very very stupid. We left during the beginning of the encore. later to find out we could have stayed longer because the sons didn't go on until 12:30!! aaargh.

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