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1:26 PM

music: the stones - "let it bleed"
below is a letter i wrote to my friends who were also at the Libertines show last night ...
ladies, let me just say ......
i left after only 4 songs. :)
I was bored out of my mind. i think what really ruined it was the fact they took forever to come on! and all the while i was thinking of what they could be doing back there (none of my business but...) having just finished the kurt cobain book is making me think alot more about drugs in the music industry.... I know it's everywhere and it shouldn't really matter to me, a fan, but i can't help but care! damn it!!

so anyway the bands before them sucked ass. well the kid (sorry when i say kid) he sorta had this young leonard cohen thing going on with the way he sang. but it didn't save it, for the songs were totally lame!

and regarding the kroq crowd....this was to be expected right!
this is why i had reservations of even buying a ticket in the first place, then i thought oh, they never tour here and the cd is pretty good and i wonder how they would be live. but then again all these kids.....aaargh.
The Libertines music has been done before, i know, i many other bands that are out there now (it's all been done before to), sometimes it works for a band and sometimes it doesn't .
my prediction.....the libertines will fade. sorry.
on the other hand.....BRMC will rise. they have something! so do THE VACATION (the sons) and JET and perhaps even The Datsuns.
sometimes you HAVE to be choosy in the rock industry, this is how the good bands get lost in the mix of yucky bands, people just aren't choosy enough.

this is suze coming off her soapbox now.......
the datsuns are sure to give me a smile tonight!!

p.s. I don't know who made the trucker hats popular to wear....but PLEASE make it stop. thanks a bunch. I'm no fashion expert but my friends and i cringe whenever we see someone sporting one of 'em, c'mon - don't be supporting the riverside/fontana look. it's just not right!! same goes for certain mustaches!! YUCK. beards cool!, but the 'staches gots to go!

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