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10:50 AM

music: the mars volta my new favorite band right now!!

last night was a blast, i met cari and my friend leo at the Kibitz Room/Canters in L.a., to see the sons. Cari missed the first 3 songs and Leo only caught the last song, but they both enjoyed it regardless. Leo and I stuck around to catch the other bands, the guy that books the bands there played last night as well, really heavy sound and he wears tight pink nylons/leotards and a boa around his neck. they were actually really good and the chick drummer rocked! it's a super small place/bar but the other room has tons of tables that are good for chatting with your friends and grab a drink, or get some deli food at canters.
ok, this was just a quick "hello" i got to start working now. see you`Suze

oh i forgot to mention....some woman came up to me as i was waiting for my friends outside the Kibitz Room and handed me a flyer and said my aura was purple and she wanted do a reading for me while i was waiting, she seemed worried about me and claimed i was worried about something. c'mon, this is scary when folks you don't know read something like that into you. if i wasn't worried about anything before i am now! thanks lady. ha ha
i sorta believe in this sorta stuff to a point, but it's just kinda scary to get deep into it.

ps - this weekend is also the "don't knock the rock" and I believe the sunset junction is the following w/e. man, that will be hot out there on sunset during the day watching all those bands!! have fun.

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