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9:59 AM

music: UDORA
While at the largo a few fridays back, i met this super nice brazillian guy named leo. After talking awhile he hands me a flyer for his band called udora and said that they have a bossa nova sound to them. I was intrigued. And i liked the fact he likes jon brion.

i head to the club lingerie which i haven't been in in like 10 or more years. the place is desolate but the sound system kicks ass!
i walked in and they had the new radiohead blaring, which was a good start to a great night. Udora haven't played in quite awhile from what the singer said, the thing couldn't tell when they were on stage! They are a really tight band. The singer has a wonderful melodic voice i can't really describe it other than that he has that chris cornell of soundgarden type voice. The guys rock! They played all new stuff last night which was amazing, very upbeat with a heavy sound. I'd like to hear the older stuff, Leo tell's me it's much darker. You can check the web-site for MP3's. They are going to be playing at the troubadour soon. I think you shouldn't miss it!!

right before i left tonight, my cat "pete" was choking on some corn husks. He now only has 8 lives left! (d'uh cat's shouldn't be eating corn husks)....I heard a noise in the hall and it was pete throwing up then walking a few feet and falling over, not breathing. i screamed like i never did before then immediately picked him up, held him upside down and stuck my finger down his throat, he then bit my finger really hard! ....ouch! but hell, i'd do the same thing, i'm sure. He seemed to have trouble breathing.....he's ok now. *phew*

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