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movie: road trip
ok, i saw the Datsuns on Tuesday at the el rey. the el rey workers are begining to know me there by now, 4 times in one week!
Let me just say that Phil Datsun has flexability that is undeniably fantastic!! He can ware girls pants like no other....also he is an awesome guitar player! there were 2 opening bands that night, one was a really heavy heavy metal type band with a chick who reminded me of doro pesch (sp?) from the metal years. she was in the full leather outfit and blonde rocker hair plus she had all the metal moves down. next up was the pleasure club, i kinda liked them. this sounds weird but they reminded me of the sex pistols though they were not punk at all. i think the singer just acts like johnny rotton, looks a bit like him. the drummer was great!

last night (Friday) i saw supergrass at the same place. Palo Alto opened up, they are just alright but the singer is way boring. As soon as Supergrass comes out and starts singing..i turned to cari and said "this sucks"! she agreed. it was the sound .... i don't know what the sound guy was doing but it sure wasn't his job. i don't know if he just needed a new mic, but i'm sure everyone noticed that when Gaz sang his "S's" it sounded "hissy". it was awful. I coudn't really get into it. besides it was much better being able to see them in a small place such as spaceland before. Well, i am going again tonight. I think I'll have a little talk with the sound guy before the show, make sure he is doing his job. ha ha.
Towards the end of the encore i saw this guy walking past me, I turned to cari with a huge smile on my face and she was smiling too, we both said "Jason Falkner" at the same time and laughed! Cari actually knows him from a long long time ago. So the highlight of the evening was meeting Jason, he is one of the nicest people that i have ever met in my life!! He is friendly beyond words.
Me and the girls are going to leave a little early from the supergrass show tonight and go catch the sons at the garage - i believe they go on around midnight.
ps - only saw one trucker hat last night! this chick looked like she lived in a trailer out in the woods in one of those midwestern states.
time for breakfast - who's making it for me?!

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