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1:49 AM

cd's for today.....well on the way home from seeing interpol i listened to "clinic"
it's so friggin cold tonight!! on the way to the show i had to laugh at myself because i was cussing so much,
just at the drivers around me. not directly at them but after i pass 'em. i'm not a crazy driver or anything...
it's just that everyone else is.
i got a ticket (yaaah) saw crispin glover out front. inside i saw the dude from falicity. i've never seen the show but
the guy was behind me, we smiled at each other and as i was coming back from the bathroom i talked to him, only to ask him to move so i can have my place back though ;) i didn't know who he was, but he just looked like someone i knew. a girl told me who he was, and she looked like she watched the show religiously.
david J was also in the house. the guys from sloan (they are everywhere). moving units opened, they were good but i'd rather see them at a smaller venue (spaceland) next time. the warlocks were great!! real mesmorizing sounding. Interpol sounded just like the cd, amazing!! i just love there whole look. the bass player looks like he should be in the misfits ( i mean that in a good way) it was a great concert! ***wait a minute.....someone is blasting bob dylan outside as they are driving's 2 in the morning....must go see!!
that was cool, let me tell you it's better than the bass type loudness coming from most hondas!!
ok, like i said it's 2am....must sleep now! gotta do my taxes in the morning and job hunt! (fun!)
i may not go out anymore this week, well maybe just to the largo tomorrow night but i think i'll skip jon brion this friday even though i'm sure robyn hitchcock will be there and probably get up and sing some songs with him......aaaargh!!
i think beck is going to be on letterman soon....and supergrass on mad tv very soon. just fyi.
suze renee....

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