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2:50 AM

*saturday night dinner & a movie*
top roman and forces of nature was my saturday night sitting at home night!
early in the afternoon I went to virgin to see a kick ass free show of the always wonderful brendan benson and very talented ben kweller. Brendan didn’t play for that long , it was just him and his pianist. Ben didn’t even plug in. it was just him and his acoustic. he had everyone sit on the floor which was good for those of us with cameras. He is soo adorable, he walked through the middle of the audience, pretty much directly in front of me and stood there the rest of the show. he even did a few while sitting down so everyone was around him in a circle. people were calling out songs and he seemed to be stunned that they remembered them, especially the ones from his prior band called “radish”. he called out for brendan to join him after brendan yelled out for him to sing a certain song so he came running down the stairs and ben handed him this old “boxy” folk guitar to play along with him. ben proceeded to tell brendan what the chords were, ben ended up doing most of it alone. it was so much fun to witness all of it!
afterwords I took sara across the street to shoot off the rest of my roll of her, mostly eyes and face shots in the sun but then she got a little…how should I put this?…”bold” and lifted up her top. so I’m on sunset shooting this chick in a black bra…in the middle of the afternoon!! crazy. she stuck around to talk with the band so cari and I went to have lunch across the street at jaccopos pizza. I got home around 5 or so, traffic was horrific. What is up with L.A. traffic being so bad on a saturday?! I started wondering if I would be better off moving to Oregon
I watched part of the fugitive , made some top roman, talked on the phone and watched forces of nature (ben & sandra). Foo fighters were to be on sat nite live with the coolist actor on earth…Christopher walken. So I fought to stay awake and of course I fell asleep at 11:30 then at 12:35 I was awakened by dave grohl’s screams. I got to see the foo fighters and a few of mr. Walkens skits. I think I missed my favorite though…it’s called the continental (it’s an amazingly funny skit) another of my favorite skits on SNL is the one with will Ferrell “we need more cow bell” it’s a blue oyster cult song they do….oh man I start crying every time I see that one.

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