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10:22 PM

*beautiful day*
i've been working on my other web-pages all night and something is wrong with 'em all!
aaargh!! soo frustrating.
today was a cool/interesting day. this morning i went to the center stage studios with my buddy Bo and we were in the audience for the taping of supergrass for mad tv. pretty cool! i believe it will be on in april....they just played rush hour soul twice, two takes and they played a couple of other songs as we were in line backstage waiting to get in so we only heard 'em.
sooo glad i got my ticket early for the troubadour show. met some nice folks as well. oh when bo and i were in line outside, bo noticed a very funny sign that we couldn't help but laugh at the whole time while standing there. it read: "ALL DUMPS MUST BE REPORTED". this was an actual sign. ok,so we were acting like we were in the third grade!!
later after the gig i saw a squirrell run across a telephone wire above my jeep, i mean this squirrell was huge. it struck me as funny. On our way back from tower records on sunset i saw and almost bumped into david hyde pierce in the street because i wasn't looking up. i said "bo that was nils"! supergrass will be on the late late show w/craig kilborn - get yer tickets to be in the audience at cbs studios for this monday at ocatv 2/17.
hopefully many changes will be taking place with this web-site soon. gotta do some major work on it!!
and for those of you who didn't know ...the L.A. shakedown has changed locations once again to: El Cid 4212 Sunset Blvd...just got an e-mail from the catheters manager.
have an interesting weekend ~ Suze

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