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10:54 AM

*giddy* is the word to describe me for the last month or so...
a friend told me the other night that he hasn't seen me this giddy
in a long time. of course this was after hanging out at alex's bar.
i had forgotten to pay my tab and when i was half way home he
asks me if i payed my tab....oops! so i had to laugh and turn around
went back in and the *only waitress* says "oh do you want to pay now".....
aargh! i didn't even have that many beers to have forgotten like that.
i got caught up in talking to people and was having fun , thats all.
the bar back guy (chris is it?) anyway he's really super nice.
he makes his own BBQ sauce for the free BBQ at alex's every sunday. pretty cool!
he also works at the pike, sorta a new bar in long beach. i hear they may get
a jukebox soon. but you can be sure to catch the monster garage show on the t.v. instead. it's pretty addicting. i watched jessie james (west coast choppers) build a firetruck out of a limo. it worked too!!
okay so back to last night....i saw division of laura lee w/ catheters and young
heart attacks
and burning brides. D.O.L.L were amazing, expecially dave the guitar player he can sing and play guitar like he's been doing it his whole life! need i mention that he ain't to bad to look at either ;) spinjack
the catheters are a band with this energy that doesn't stop. they remind me of old mudhoney concerts i used to see. especially the way the singer moves around and climbs on stuff. i'll have some more photos up sooner or later. the young heart attacks were pretty rockin, they have this blonde pretty girl in the band who has the coolist rocker haircut i've ever seen and she did a great job singing. the burning brides were ok, its a 3 piece with a girl on bass, either the bass was really big or she was just tiny. they were a heavy rocker type band, reminded me of soundgarden makes since beings they are going on tour with audio slave soon.
so tonight is silvercities at the prospecter and on saturday john wilkes kissing booth is playing. derrick is taking his van across country for some poetry reading after this show.
enough already~suze
check out the gig page here
i'll be trying to add music links and stuff real soon ;)....and tons more photos ,,,,,i've got 15 years worth!!

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