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1:26 AM

junkie junkie junkie junkie (it's a kennedy song)
funny how it just popped in my head after seeing
elliott smith tonight......(yikes)
i had to just leave after the first encore.....
i don't know if it is wrong to assume this type of thing.....
and it's really none of my business but when i pay to see
a show, i expect to see a show. i was pissed that there wasn't a full band
and that he didn't do many songs off of figure 8 (the best cd, in my opinion).
there was just too much talk about people thinking that they are better than other people
he just kept going on about those people being fucked. to me it's a given, no one is better than anyone else...
it's all about how you live your own life.....don't harp on it. just be yourself...gheez!
i don't understand the junk stuff....why would anyone keep doing it if they have watched all there friends die of it already??!!
why! why! why!
i guess you never really know the reasons until you actually try it.
i could have stayed home and listened to the cds and felt much better than i do now.
he sat down the whole show, okay some of the songs were done well but for the most
part, he fucked 'em up and mumbled allot in between songs.
if i were a rich woman (i mean filthy rich) i would own a club/hotel/recovery center and radio station.
the club where bands could play and the hotel where they could sleep and the recovery center where
they could get off the "junk". the radio station (thats obvious).....perhaps a record label.
must sleep now.~S

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