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12:53 PM

Saturday night I drove to the El Rey Theatre to see once again, The Hellacopters. They really are the best shit kicking rock ‘n roll band out there.
I arrived just in time to see the first band called The Illuminati, they were pretty rockin’. Just looking at them brought back some memories of my heavy metal days seeing bands on the sunset strip……. Long hair, no shirt – just pure rocking guitars.
Nebula was up next. I wasn’t really looking forward to yawning to them again but they surprised me this time. They were actually really good! I didn’t yawn once.
I stood on the steps near the front of the stage the whole time. Of course all the crazy fans had to come near me as The Hellacopters were about to hit the stage.
How come I get all the gangsta looking fat scary Mexican- double beer holding- dudes standing next to me all night? The guy starts to talk to me and I try to be nice but I’m sick of being nice to ass-holes. I just know he’s going to be an ass hole by just looking at him and I was right!!
This guy on the other side of me whispers in my ear “hey, looks like you have a new friend”. I smiled at him, he was smart he found another place to stand. I just didn’t want to give up my place to an asshole and I know that’s why he was being an asshole, trying to get everyone out of his way. I didn’t care that he was over 300 lbs, I was not going to move.
At first I was nervous that he was going to start pushing and spilling his 2 beers all over me. Lucky for me he drank them before they came on. Oh great, I have a drunk very fat mean Mexican dude standing next to me yelling ‘I wanna Touch, I wanna Touch”. Of course this song has to be from my least favorite cd they have called High Visibility.
He kept putting his hands in the air and bumping into me. I was the only one tolerating him – everyone else found a new place to stand. There was more stage diving and mosh pits going on then any other show I’ve been to. Well, besides Suicidal Tendencies/Slayer about 15 years ago at some OC college. Robert D. / Strings kept getting upset at the other fat Mexican who kept stage-diving, he even kicked his ass once but bounced back.
He was so big (how big was he?) He was so big that the fat security guy couldn’t even grab him. At one point the crowd opened up and the guy landed on his face (ouch!). Nicke A. (the singer) even said “good lord!" with a wry smile when the guy jumped in front of him and almost knocked him down. Kenny (the bass player), was a little lit looking in SD and LA. He really did look and act, like someone they had picked up at some squat house in Frisco.
The sound system was great and the performance was true rock as what rock is meant to be!
I got really sad as soon as they were done because who knows when they will be back. Especially after what happened to them in Vegas, some crazy fan stole Robert’s I-pod and laptop off the bus and Nicke got food poisoning. What is up with people stealing bands things when they are trying to entertain us! I mean if you really wanted to know what Robert was listening to then you could have just asked him, he’s a nice enough guy!

I miss them already!

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